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Menorca - please help me decide.

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Billster · 15/03/2006 22:32

Looking at for our first bech hol to the med (with DH and DD aged 2) and have been considering Majorca. Still not sure because:-

  1. Want somewhere with authentic restaurants/tapas not just tourist food and not sure if any of the beach resorts offer this.

  2. Everything seems quite built up and we're used to staying in a Keycamp pine forested site.

    Can anyone convince me and show me the perfect accommodation too? (villa or low rise apartment)

    I don't ask for much normally Blush - just getting seriously stressed about choosing the perfect holiday!

    Thanks :)
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blondehelen · 15/03/2006 22:55

been to menorca and majorca. Menorca everytime. Loved it. Majorca ok but like you say, very built up although some pretty areas.


ja9 · 15/03/2006 23:03

we had a brilliant 1st holiday abroad with ds in menorca.

i didnt have the same criteria as you tho' - wasn't really fussed about authentic spanish eateries. i wouldnt say menorca was built up especially - ie theres nothing 'high rise' to speak of, but lots of the resorts are man made rather than authentic wee towns.


Billster · 15/03/2006 23:03

oops, made a mistake was supposed to have said, have been considering Menorca (not Majorca). Sorry to confuse you all.


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