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Thermal underwear for babies....

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angel22 · 15/12/2003 22:15

Can anyone suggest where I can get thermal underwear for a 12 month old? Off to the north of Sweden at the end of February....
Many thanks

OP posts:
boyandgirl · 16/12/2003 16:41

Very difficult to source. The best I found was woolen vest from Little Green Earthlets, but they're discontinuing the line so yuo'd have to buy it online pdq. They are excellent vests!

But why not get it there?

LIZS · 18/12/2003 11:28

Agree v. difficult to find. Try tights and a long sleeved vest as basic and layer it up from there(long sleeved polo neck top, fleece, really good snowsuit etc). Smallest thermals I ever found in UK was aged 2/3 in Mothercare.

motherinfestivemood · 18/12/2003 11:37

Patra silk does vests, I think.

baublebundle · 18/12/2003 11:39

they must have some on scandinavian websites. a friend of mine whose sister went to live in norway was told off by her child's teacher, for sending him to school in insufficient clothing...there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes !

motherinfestivemood · 18/12/2003 11:45

Always knew my great grandparents were right to emigrate.

boyandgirl · 18/12/2003 15:13

Have a look at Spirit of Nature . I've just been browsing their paper catalogue and noticed that they have some wool/silk mix long undies and wool/cotton mix tights.

angel22 · 31/12/2003 22:07

Many thanks for your suggestions - have managed to find some long johns and t-shirts in M&S, which are slightly too big, but I can layer them up with long-sleeved body suits and sleepsuits! Cheers, and Happy New Year

OP posts:
Alida · 01/09/2004 15:22

I have got 5 children and they all wear woollies almost all year round. There are vest and long johns made of 100 % wool and are machine washable and very soft to wear. We love them so much that I have started to import them from the Netherlands in this country.
I sell them on my

prettycandles · 02/09/2004 15:04

Alida - this sounds like an ad. You have to pay Mumsnet for advertising here.

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