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Where to stay , what to do in NYC please!!!!!!!!!

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Piffle · 07/03/2006 13:49

AS we are off to Baltimore on 20th April for dp's work awards thingy, we are tagging a wee break onto the end of it, 5 days in NYC!
What to do
What to buy
Where to stay
What to Bloody wear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

OP posts:

SilverLining · 07/03/2006 13:57

dinner at the Gramercy Tavern - by far the BEST restaurant we've ever been too - fabulous! and have cocktails at the waldorf - cosmopolitan al a SATC!

Shopping at 5th Ave just doesn't get any better but Greenwich Village is lovely to wander around.

Very jealous - you'll have a ball!


KBear · 07/03/2006 14:14

Helicopter ride over Manhattan? Friends of mine where there when NYC had the bad snow storm a few weeks ago - said the flight was amazing.


CountessDracula · 07/03/2006 14:22

Sundowners in the bar at the Rainbow Grill at the Rockefeller Center - totally fab

Restaurants, recently went to Lupa (excellent italian, need to book well in advance) and Gotham Bar & Grill (fab too)

We stayed recently at Second Home on Second Avenue (can send you pix as ones on website crap). It was a massive apartment in teh East Village 3 blocks Union Sq, really a great place. Massive bedroom and living room, bathroom a bit crap (ie only shower) rather shabby chic but for the space is the best bargain in nyc. $180 a night. It is called the Modern Suite. I wouldn't go for any of the other rooms.


Piffle · 07/03/2006 14:33

That sounds excellent CD
Thanks for these tips am so looking forward to it :)

OP posts:

CountessDracula · 07/03/2006 14:34

piffle if you want I can email you pix


Piffle · 07/03/2006 15:37

thx CD
I'll CAT you with my address :)

OP posts:

mojomummy · 07/03/2006 22:49

OOooo a visit to the Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street - fab cupcakes as eaten by us & the SATC girls Grin

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