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Hello Kiwi mums -or ones who know NZ

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Welshmum · 14/12/2003 06:37

We're in staying near Wellington for a bit. Is there anywhere you'd recommend for an outing with a 20 month old? Would appreciate the advice.......thanks
P.S Can't believe how much weather you get here....!

OP posts:
bobthebaby · 14/12/2003 08:17

Te Papa so she can open up all the drawers and show you the scary insects covered in perspex. Also sometimes there are large navy boats moored by Te Papa that toddlers seem to find fascinating.

sibble · 14/12/2003 19:05

hi welshmum - don't know much about wellington apart from te papa which i would also recommmend but have a great trip. if you head up to auckland i can be more help

slug · 14/12/2003 21:01

Red Rocks, around from Island Bay, a bit of a walk, but you can see seals there.

The Kapti Coast has lots of nice beaches, QEII park can be great. On the way back stop at Southwolds Car museum.

If you have a car, try to get to Staglands, North of Upper Hutt, it has lots of birds, kuni kuni (native pigs) and stuff to climb over. There are Keas there, take a museli bar and feed them.

If you can, try and get to Kapti Island. It's a bird sanctuary, run by the Department for Conservation, the birds are scarily tame.

The botanic gardens are nice, especially as you can take the cable car from the centre of town. The have a nice little kid's playground and an observatory.

Macra Beach, past Karori, is a stony, windswept beach with lots of interesting things to pick up. Peter Jackson filmed much of his first film, Bad Taste, there.

If you're feeling adventurous, fly-by-wire is at the base of the Wainuimata hill. The little one can chase sheep while daddy flys.

Finally, go see my mum, she'll feed you scones and keep the small one occupied for a while.

buzzybee · 15/12/2003 06:17

Welshmum. I live in Wellington and have a 20 month old dd!! If you would like to make contact ask Mumsnet for my details.
Slug has made some excellent suggestions (but its Makara Beach not Macra Beach in case you're looking on a map!)
Ummmm let me think...
We live in a suburb called Ngaio and on Saturdays we do a circuit of the local library, playground and cafe ("Cafe Villa" which are all excellent for that age. The main Wellington Public Library on Victoria St is great and also has an excellent cafe. While you're in the area, on the other side of Civic Square is a place called "Capital-E" which is a sort of kids exhibition space - aimed at older kids really but have some good stuff. And also right next to a cool toy shop which has lots of stuff out for kids to try out.
Try Oriental Bay when the wind's blowing from the south - very sheltered. And on a fine but blustery day with winds from the north (most days in Wellington this time of year!) try Scorching Bay near Seatoun (this is where Peter Jackson lives in fact). There is a fab cafe there too called "Chocolate Fish".
Good places to go for walks in the bush are Otari Nature Reserve in Wilton (look for Wilton Rd on a map) and Percy's Reserve on SH2 near Lower Hutt (loads of ducks).
Karori Wildlife Sanctuary is great too and quite easy to get to even if you don't have a car (number 12 bus from Lambton Quay then a 10 min flat walk)
Take the ferry over to Days Bay - great park for ball kicking etc, beach, cafe and craft shop. Or drive around to Days Bay then continue on the Eastbourne which has more cool crafty shops.
Go to Moore Wilson's deli-supermarket (my 20mo is happy in a supermarket trolley seat) and shop for yummy Xmas stuff. Just off Tory St and open all weekend.
Go to Toyworld and let him/her try out the toys there.
Take a tour of Parliament Buildings - its free.
Go shopping at North City Plaza in Porirua - they're sure to have lots of decorations etc (my dd is still scared of Santa - but he's sure to be there if that's an attraction!).
Do the Lambton Quay shopping circuit of Kirkcaldies & Stains department store (great Xmas shop and also good toy section) and then cross the road and go up the esclators and walk along past The Home Store and there is another great toy shop (and decent adult shops en route).
Take the train to Johnsonville - small shopping mall and McDonalds but train is the main event!
There's always the zoo out at Newtown.
Hope that helps!!

Welshmum · 15/12/2003 06:55

Big thanks ladies, we'll work our way round a few of those. We went to Staglands last week and it was fab - so good we're going again this week. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply - it'll make a big difference to our trip. xx

OP posts:
slug · 15/12/2003 14:46

Oooh yes, the sluglet LOVED the chocolate fish cafe when she was 19 months. On the drive round, you can stop off at the Massey Memorial. You park on the side of the road, wlak up a path and suddenly it opens out in front of you, overlooking Cook Straights. It's a great place for a picnic and to chase skinks.

Try driving round Miramar, past the airport, and spot the little blue penguins coming ashore in the evening. (Look for the signs)

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