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Cheap but nice b&b in Windermere.

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BethAndHerBrood · 04/03/2006 17:04

Hi, I would like to surprise DH with a weekend away. We love windermere, and it's not too far so thought that would be a good place. I would like a b&b with a family room(there's 4 of us) that does a good breakfast, quite reasonably priced.

Don't want much, do I??Grin

The only one I've rung didn't have any rooms left. I would like to go on the 8th and 9th April.

Please help, I'm rubbish at this sort of thing, and DH would love the idea of Mumsnet choosing our hotel!!!

OP posts:

JanH · 04/03/2006 17:21

I doubt if you'll get anything nice in the Lakes for a weekend in the Easter holidays - or even anything not nice, come to that.

A non-school holiday weekend might be easier?


SenoraPostrophe · 04/03/2006 17:23

Jan! you should be working.


JanH · 04/03/2006 17:25


freshstart · 04/03/2006 17:55

this is weird

Im on the net searching for the exact same thing!! I thought it was me but had forgotten that I posted lol

I found one that looks nice called number 80 - but its bowness that we are looking to stay


BethAndHerBrood · 04/03/2006 18:09

Just had a look at number 80, looks lovely, but no family rooms! Pity, would have gone for easter weekend if they had. Was quite reasonable, wasn't it?

OP posts:

freshstart · 04/03/2006 18:14

I rang earlier but he was out and is ringing me later - there are 3 adults and 3 children coming on our trip so Ill see what he suggests and let you know.

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