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Passport photos for 5 month old and 18 month old...

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podkin · 28/02/2006 15:36

...any tips ?

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dinosaur · 28/02/2006 15:38

Good luck, is all that I can say. Just had 6.5 year old DSs photo rejected because he had his moouth open.

Go to a professional photographer - you will never manage to get them done in a photo booth! Professional photographer should know the rules about what is acceptable and be able to prop then up for the photos (you can't hold them).


chicagomum · 28/02/2006 15:42

I had dd's done at a chemists, they lay the baby down on a white bean bag on the floor and took the picture with one of those cameras that gives you 4 copies of the same photo. For ds my dad took a photo with his digital camera and then cut it to size etc on his computer then printed me 4 copies. Both were accepted.

Its ridiculuos though as dd was 5months ol and ds 2months when they had them done, ddis now 4 and still travelling on a photo of a bald headed baby.


ponygirl · 28/02/2006 16:14

Ds1 was about this age when I got his done. I went to a photographer's studio but I had to hold his head. Felt like a ventriloquist! Amazingly they accepted it, though you can see my fingers round his neck! (Must get him a new one actually, he's 7 now, poor boy...)


Gem13 · 28/02/2006 16:27

Both of mine were 6 weeks. Held them up in the photo booth and the pictures were fine. You have to make sure not to be in it. In DD's you can see my arm. In DS's he is waving his arm which is rather sweet.

You need to go to one of those booths where you only print when you like it. It helps to go with someone else - one to hold the baby, the other person to make it look at them.


TinyGang · 28/02/2006 16:29

I did that Gem. Scrabbling about on the floor with dd balancing on my headGrin. My hands were in the picture. Ended up going to a photographer.


purplemonkeydishwasher · 28/02/2006 16:30

took our 5 month old ds to costco, they took it in his carseat cost £3. and you get 8 pics.


MeerkatsUnite · 28/02/2006 16:32

This is the UK Passport Office's website:-

They give guidelines on the section re childrens' photographs as to what is and is not acceptable.


Micku5 · 28/02/2006 16:32

I went to a shop that did passport photos. Had dd on my lap but had a white tshirt covering me so it looked like the background


BettySpaghetti · 28/02/2006 16:35

We went to a chemist that does digital photos -excellent as they take it, you look at it on the screen and can accept it or reject it (as many times as you like). Just as well as it took a lot of attempts with DS as they've now got quite strict!


Bumbled · 28/02/2006 16:42

Take them to snappy snaps. They specialise in baby/children's passport photos and will check everything's ok. They have rattles to get the eyes open etc and are brilliant. Did mine at 4 weeks!


littlerach · 28/02/2006 16:52

We did ours ourselves, as we'd tried the usual routes with DD1 when she was a baby.

DD1 sat against a white wall, DD2 was laid on a white sheet. They were absolutely fine, we re sized etc to get correct size, and they were great.

Also much less hassle and stress.


lapsedrunner · 28/02/2006 19:40

Had ds photgraphed at 2 weeks old. Use a professional photographer (not expensive) then pay the small fee at Post Office for them to sign off that all documents (inc photo) are ok.

We travel alot (wthin europe)and ds (now 3.6) is still using 2 week old photo.


eidsvold · 01/03/2006 04:37

snappy snaps did dd1's and she was about 5 months old or so I think from memory. They just propped dd1 on a beanbag and snapped away then selected the best from the digital prints.

then took it to the postoffice for the checking fast service.


carla · 01/03/2006 06:08

Agree with chicagomum - local chemist's. They'll know if it won't make the grade and take another for you if that's the case.


podkin · 01/03/2006 07:35

Thanks all. There is a local photography shop which apparently does them - so will head there first. Failing that, Snappy Snaps sounds like a good bet.

Cheers Smile

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