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New York – Accommodation recommendations

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GeorgieVickyLou · 24/02/2006 20:07

I?ve won tickets to New York back last year and hope to use them in June for a long weekend. Any one been who can recommend any reasonably priced accommodation (Just me and DP going we aren?t to worried if it isn?t ?all that?)

I?m finding hotels that work out at the same price as a holiday for 3 to Spain for a week!

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hockeymum · 25/02/2006 11:37

Go on I used to it book my hotel in NYC last year. They rate all the hotels and give you the price it would cost to book hotel through expedia. A lot of the hotels are a similar price, so this way you get to read reviews of them and book the one with the best feedback.

I'd recomend The Salisbury Hotel on W57th Street. Its 1 block from 5th Ave (Tiffany's is in sight!!)and 2 from Central Park which will be lovely in June! Also about 3 mins walk in any direction from loads of subway lines so very easy to get around. Subway is cheap and we found it very safe even at night. I wouldn't fault the location at all. It's only 2 mins subway or 10 mins walk from Time Square and Rockerfeller Center too. The rooms look a little dated but you really only sleep there when doing NYC properly!! It had a bath, shower and 2 double beds. Breakfast was 3$ per day, a total bargain. They had juice, coffee, tea, croissants, bread, toast and tons of pastries and doughnuts, all you need to fill up for the morning. Rooms were about £60 per night inc tax for the 2 of us together (but that was February)

Post again if you decide to book and I'll give you more ideas about restaurants, signts etc.

You will LOVE New York, I SO want to go back there.


MeerkatsUnite · 25/02/2006 13:12

Would also recommend the Salisbury. Have stayed there more than once now and have never been disappointed by this hotel.


GeorgieVickyLou · 25/02/2006 22:04

Thanks both will look into that. When me and DP where trying to find accommodation we both agreed it would be good to find somewhere similar to a 'dated Cornish B&B' you know, decoration not so good but clean and tidy with nice food and a friendly welcome.

We don't have to go in June we could go earlier if you think it would be cheaper accommodation wise, we only said June as DD is one in April (5th) so hoped it would be easier to leave her (and the tickets are only valid until the end of June and I don't want to leave her so trying to leave it until I have to IYKWIM)

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