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For KS - Christmas Week Events in Derbyshire/Sheffield area

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Hulababy · 03/12/2003 14:59

Hi ks

This all I have found so far for Christmassy things in Derbyshire. Whereabouts in Derbyshire are you staying, and which week is it? The one wth Christmas in it or the one after? What type of things did you want to do?

I live in Sheffield so could tell you about things near there if you want "normal activities" and places to go. Places might include near here:

  • Ponds Forge Leisure pool
  • Ski Village
  • City Centre (quite nice for a wander, bit of shopping and a rest in the Peace Gradens/Winter Gardens and Millenium Galleries)
  • Magna (close in Rotherham)
  • Earth Centre (nr Doncaster)
  • Fire & Police museum (open Sundays & Bank holidays I think)
  • Bolsover Castle
  • Chatsworth House and/or Farm

    Here goes anyway for special events -

    Some events from some Derbyshire What's On Guides:

  • Until 21st Dec - Christmas at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire (has a website of its own)
  • 18th Dec - Evening carol service in The Stables at Bolsover Castle (Tel. 01246 822844)
  • 20th Dec MR Christmas Cruise; night racing/car cruise drive-in/show & shine at Donnington Park (Tel. 01332 819508)
  • 20-21st Dec - Santa Special at Crich Tramway Village (Tel. 0870 7587267)
  • 20-21st - Santa Specials at Peak Rail, Rowsley, Matlock (Tel: 01629 580381; Website:
  • 20-31st Dec - Christmas competitions at Denby Pottery Visitors Centre (Tel. 01773 740700)
  • 27-28th Dec - Mince Pie Specials at Crich Tramway Village (Tel. 0870 7587267)
  • 28th Dec - Guided Yuletide 4 mile Stroll from Cromford Wharf (10:30am) - £4 (Tel. 01629 823204)
  • until 23rd Dec - Christmas Shows at Gullivers Kingdom, Matlock Bath. Magical shows and Santa's Grotto (Tel: 01629 580540)
OP posts:
ks · 03/12/2003 15:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Hulababy · 03/12/2003 17:16

We have lived in Sheffield since leaving uni about 8 years ago, and this summer moved to a new apartment right in the very centre. I love it, and it is suprisingly convenient with a toddler too. Sheffield has changed even in the short time we have been here and there are still lots of things being planned. The city is really starting to come alive again after the decline when Meadowhall opened.

How old are your kids KS?

OP posts:
fio2 · 04/12/2003 14:00

I love bakewell and Buxton is nice too Is Chatworth House worth a visit? - Iwas thinking of going for the day there too...

helenmh · 04/12/2003 14:55

Hi i live in derby. chatsworth house is certainly worth a visit. It is beautifully decorated for christmas and there is usually a grotto. It gets very busy so worth getting there early. sometimes Carsington water near Ashbourne has Christmas events. cheers

janh · 04/12/2003 14:55

fio, DH and I are planning to go to Chatsworth for a day in the spring - we could meet up!

ks · 04/12/2003 14:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Hulababy · 04/12/2003 19:52

Not been to the Industrilal Hamlet since I went on a school trip. Dh would like tog o but I think DD needs to be a bit older really.

I haven't actually been inside Chatsworth house at all - just for walk round the grounds and to the Farm there. The farm is worth a vist. Costs about £5 I think but it has a range of animals, some petting areas, and a big sand/water area, and a big wooden climbing/play area.

OP posts:
fio2 · 04/12/2003 21:52

janh are you being serious? - because I would love to meet you at Chatsworth doesnt that sound like a posh meet up

Does anyone go to the knockerdown pub by Carsington water - because my dd and ds are obsessed with their play area and donkeys! And why are the chips so expensive in matlock? And why do the hot chickens in Ashbourne taste so divine?

Hulababy · 04/12/2003 21:55

Not been to Carsington Water - what's it like? And whereabouts in Derbyshire is it exactly? Would it be okay for a toddler?

OP posts:
fio2 · 04/12/2003 22:03

Carsington Water is inbetween Matlock and Ashbourne. Its nice in the summer and very pretty, there are lots of walks around the lake. But we usually just stop at the Knockerdown for a drink or two on the way back from Matlock because the kids like the play stuff and the donkeys so much - thats my excuse anyway!

Hulababy · 04/12/2003 22:04

Might make a note of that one to visit when the weather improves. Will get Dh to go with us one weekend and try the pub too

OP posts:
fio2 · 04/12/2003 22:04

Chatworth is a bit like Shugborough isnt it? I got married at Shugborough Hall and had a wedding card of Lord Lichfield (LOL)

tamum · 04/12/2003 22:04

ks, I used to live in Mansfield when I was young, the same age as your ds, and I used to love going to Crich Tramway (which features several times in Hulababy's great list). I'm sure your ds would enjoy it- the trams only went about 10 yards at that time, but my guess is it will have come on a bit since then!

Hulababy · 04/12/2003 22:05

I am sure it can't be that far from where I used to work in Duffield then - I am sure I recognise Ashbourne.

OP posts:
fio2 · 04/12/2003 22:05

The play area has coupe cars and stuff that other pubs dont usually have

fio2 · 04/12/2003 22:06

I dont know where Duffield is - where is it by?

Hulababy · 04/12/2003 22:16

A few miles North of Derby on the A6. I used ti work at Ecclesbourne School - the secondary school there. It has a great reputation and I think it is pretty expensive to live there now because of it. I think Belper in the next biggish town up from Duffield. Oh, and the Derbyshire Buildeing Society's headquarters are there too.

OP posts:
fio2 · 04/12/2003 22:20

My hubbie would know, he used to work all over Derbyshire. I know for a fact he did some work in Belper. I will ask him when he comes home tommorrow if he has been to Duffield!

janh · 04/12/2003 22:28

fio - yep, perfectly serious! Would be a weekday though, our kids at school (DH loves going out without them!), but if yours came that would be lovely .

I'll let you know when we have a rough date. As things stand a Wed or Fri are most likely - prob March or April so not for a while.

fio2 · 04/12/2003 22:29

lovely janh

janh · 04/12/2003 22:38

'ere - 'ang on a minute - aren't you moving to Kent? Can you still do a day out at Chatsworth???

(Just mentioned the arrangement to DH btw and he said "Great!"

fio2 · 04/12/2003 22:40

yes but my Mum will still live up here so will arrange it that way loved your impression!

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