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MollyMooMin · 15/02/2006 11:14

Any ideas where to go in the Midlands area with an 18 month old? Indoors or out?

OP posts:

Blackduck · 15/02/2006 11:15

where abouts in the midlands?


MollyMooMin · 15/02/2006 11:16

Derby erea, but don't mind travelling abit.

OP posts:

Blackduck · 15/02/2006 11:18

sorry - Brum based myself so don't really know the Derby neck of the woods...


Feistybird · 15/02/2006 11:18

Hatton Country World - about an hour away near Warwick



robinpud · 15/02/2006 11:53

Elvaston Country park is a nice outdoors place. There is a park on the outskirts of Derby begins with a R I think that people rave about. Gulliver's kingdom at Matlock?


TambaTheDragonSlayer · 15/02/2006 11:53

Im in Brum too

I agree with FB that Hatton is great, my kids love it there. March is a nice time to go as its spring and all the baby animals have been born.


Orinoco · 15/02/2006 21:11

Message withdrawn


MollyMooMin · 16/02/2006 08:49

We're about 5 miles south of Derby.. It's just for something to do at weekends when DH is with us, so we can all go somewhere together. We went to Markeaton last weekend, may try Hatton now though. Thanks for all your ideas, any more?

OP posts:

BettySpaghetti · 16/02/2006 09:21

We went to the Sea Life Centre in central Birmingham at the weekend with DS who is 19 months and DD who is 6 years. It was fantastic -both kids enjoyed it, as did we!

DS loved all the colours and movement of the fish (although he kept calling them frogs!?).

TIP-It opens at 10am, we got there just before 11 am and it wasn't too bad but by lunchtime there were big queues to get in


golds · 16/02/2006 09:42

tip for anyone going to sea life centre, buy your tickets from Tourist Information - they are cheaper, saved us quite a bit - good day out my 2 enjoyed it


studentmum1 · 17/03/2006 20:16

hi, if any one thinking of going to sea life centre in birmingham... if you have a toys rus card or babies r us card then they take 20% of your entry fee! bargain!


alibo · 17/03/2006 23:28

sundown, near rampton, north of newark, is brilliant for little ones! it's a theme park for under 10's, our ds loves it, he's just 2. also white post farm near newark is great. both places have a website i think, sorry cannot do links!Blush


helsy · 17/03/2006 23:32

Sudbury Hall and children's museum has things for all ages - on the A50 towards Stoke. Isn't Kedleston Park near Derby?


LaylaandSethsmum · 17/03/2006 23:33

Theres a few soft play places. Theres Bumpi's on Ascot drive in Derby, Bonny Prince in Chellaston, Planet Happy In Ripley, Chucklebutties in Belper.


collision · 17/03/2006 23:34

Also try as they have loads of things for the area you are in.


cat64 · 13/04/2006 23:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

laughalot · 14/04/2006 11:21

There is a playmania soft play area in mansfield, what about the farm park at chatsworth house or sherwood farm park in warsop which is mansfield.


brioni · 22/04/2006 12:47

Twinlakes @ melton mowbry and Lanky bils @ langley mill.


babygsmum · 27/04/2006 07:37

Hatton Country Park near Redditch is fab - £8.25 for adults and everything except food and pny rides are free when you get in. There are lambs and goats etc to feed. Guinea Pig village where the children can stroke and hold them. There's some merry go rounds, sheep racing, playgrounds, tractor rides, panning for 'gold', bouncy castles, craft fair, shopping village, falconry displays, nature trail and special events - over easter there was an easter egg hunt with the easter bunny web site -


CarlK · 15/05/2006 16:52

The nature centre near cannon hill park is excellent



TambaTheDragonSlayer · 15/05/2006 16:58

\link{\nature centre} (Carls link)

My kids also love Hatton, we are hoping to go as soon as the weather brightens up :)


AbbyLou · 19/05/2006 20:09

Someone has already mentioned Bumpi's, that's a really good indoor play area. There's also Cyril's Nut Hut in Long Eaton. White Post Farm is lovely, it's set out really well and there's loads of things for kids to take part in like feeding lambs, holding reptiles etc. My ds who's 16 months loved it. Carsington Water is nice too. They've got lovely walks, an outdoor play area and a new indoor area that you have to pay extra for. Gulliver's Kingdom in Matlock Bath is good for little ones but not sure if 18 months might be a little too young.


Orinoco · 19/05/2006 21:25

We're going to White Post Farm tomorrow!


Orinoco · 20/05/2006 21:00

..and it was fab!Grin

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