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normanprice · 14/02/2006 17:11

I'm planning a weeks holiday in llandudno with dp and dd1 (5) & dd2 (2) we are planning on going up snowdonia (on the train) and spending a lot of time on the beach weather permitting !
Does anyone have any suggestions of things to do if the weather is wet in this area (ever the pesimist!) or outdoor if they get boared of the beach

OP posts:

mummytosteven · 14/02/2006 17:14

you can get an ordinary train from Llandudno to Blaeneau Festiniog then steam train from there to Porthmadoc. Portmeirion (William Clough Ellis Italianate village where they filmed the prisoner) is relatively near Minfford Station. Conwy is very nice, has a castle and is just a little bit further North than Llandudno.

NB - apologies to the Welsh MNetters for any hideous misspellings of place names!


normanprice · 14/02/2006 18:28

Thanks mumtosteven me and dp stayed at Harlech many years ago and pre children. We visited Portmerion which we loved and I am sure the children would love, however I do not want to recreate our holiday of years ago, lovely though it was (and peacful, no chance of that now . The steam train sounds great. Do you know of any specific childrens activities places of interest in the area particulary if it is wet?

OP posts:

Pixiefish · 14/02/2006 18:35

Lots to do in and around Llandudno. Anglesey has loads of indoor attractions as well.


mummytosteven · 14/02/2006 18:40

sorry, can't think of anything indoorsy - have always had good weather there!


Latz · 14/02/2006 18:46

There used to be an aquarium on Anglesey just over the bridge - not lived there for over 10 years so not sure if its still there.


Latz · 14/02/2006 18:52

here it is


normanprice · 14/02/2006 20:11

Thanks Latz the aquarium looks good. I'm planning on going 12 - 19th August but wherever and whenever I go on holiday in the summer it always rains for at least 3 days. So if you are planning a holiday in this area do not pick the same week as me as I am a rain godess

OP posts:

Pixiefish · 14/02/2006 21:35

I haven't suggested much on Anglesey as its a 20 minute drive from Llandudno but if you're willing to drive there's the Sea Zoo, PIli Palas, Play house, various other attractions


Fauve · 14/02/2006 21:49

There's a miniature railway on Anglesey, too. And the aquarium is lovely.

In Llandudno itself there's a pub with a Wacky Warehouse soft play area - sorry, can't remember its name - and a dinosaur farm park, which I'm afraid we've never visited, so can't say if it's indoors or out, mostly.


AggiePanther · 14/02/2006 22:22

Welsh mountain zoo in colwyn bay, agree about the sea zoo too ..the greenwood centre (bethel i think) is really fun too, henblas country parc and foel farm both on anglesey. pili palas butterfly palace on anglesey. As for indoors there's always rhyl suncentre (rhyl is a bit shit though) colwyn bay swimming pool, the funcentre in caernarfon, bowling in llandudno (but maybe kids are a bit little?)


AggiePanther · 14/02/2006 22:24

dinosaur park is called eirias park and its in colwyn bay ...not been for years so don't know what its like. You'll find plenty of brochures and leaflets for all the attractions when you get here - most hotels/pubs/restaurants have them


Fauve · 14/02/2006 22:38

Oh yes, the Greenwood centre is fabulous.


Pixiefish · 14/02/2006 23:13

Fauve- where's the minature railway on Anglesey?


JanH · 14/02/2006 23:25

Well if you do get to Anglesey don't forget to visit Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch!


clerkKent · 15/02/2006 21:56

The castles in North Wales are fascinating - Conwy and Caernarvon in particular. There are a couple of attractions at Bodelwyddan (church and another castle). In Rhyl there are fairgrounds. The aquarium in Anglesey is called the Sea Zoo; the miniature railway is just a little further inland. There is loads to do in the wet or dry; I have been visiting my mum there for the last 20 years, 10 with small children.


Pixiefish · 15/02/2006 22:02

still don't know where this miniature railway is someone tell me please


RedRidingHood · 15/02/2006 22:07

is this it


Pixiefish · 15/02/2006 22:12

didn't know that and i live just down the road


Pixiefish · 15/02/2006 22:12

didn't know that and i live just down the road


Fauve · 15/02/2006 22:14

Sorrysorrysorry - no, the mini railway is, as I remember it, right next to the aquarium - may even be part of the same thing? It has tiny villages, tiny trains, a church with a choir singing from it, and features Llanfair...etc. It's quite small, but then they are.


clerkKent · 16/02/2006 12:38

I think this is the railway:

Anglesey Model Village & Gardens
Newborough, Anglesey
Set in one acre of beautifully landscaped gardens, with water features, and a wonderful selection of plants and trees. Follow the winding path through Anglesey's many landmarks, all built to one-twelfth (1:12) full size, with a working model railway which circles the garden, stopping only at the famous station of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. The younger members of the family can ride our self-drive railway engine around the picnic and play-area.

I found it at caravan park


AggiePanther · 16/02/2006 21:37

I was just going to say is it the model village ...Pixiefish it's before you get to Newborough (if you're coming from Bangor way) on the left hand side of the road just after the long straight I think


moondog · 16/02/2006 21:50

Hmmm,re model railway,when I used to pass it on my way to/from work I used to think how meanspirited the owners were to have a fence so dense as to render it impossible to even get a glimpse of said railway.

Rhyl a 'bit shit'. Lol

Llandudno has a real retro charm in the summer.Punch and Judy,deckchairs,donkey rides,the pier,ice creams...
Dull as ditchwater when I were a lass,but now I'm an old fart with little uns,I love it!


tiredemma · 16/02/2006 21:57

you lot will laugh at me- im sat here with tears streaming down my face reminiscing about my happiest childhood holidays ever- we used to stay in aholiday flat ni Deganwy ( next to llandudno) but go into llandudno every day on the train, or walk along the beach.

i could go on about how great it was but im just finishing work now.

Im so glad someone posted a thread about llandudno- i had put it to the back of my mind, but seeing all of the things posted has brought it all back....and its lovely to remember.



moondog · 16/02/2006 22:00

Ah,bless you.
Deganwy is very posh now-all interior design shops and chi chi delicatessens!

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