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Honeymoon in Paris

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Somanykiddies · 06/02/2006 08:39

Due to very unforseen circumstances honeymoon budget has been cut, so we have managed to find good flight prices to Paris. Can anyone recommend a hotel, restaurants and things to do/see apart from the obvious touristy bits. TIA.

OP posts:

MaryBS · 06/02/2006 12:18

There was a feature on romantic things to do in Paris, in yesterday's Mail on Sunday


prettybird · 06/02/2006 12:44

Cafe Panis, opposite Notre Dame (on the Left Bank) is a nice place to watch people go by.

Buy a "Carte Musee" (avialable at the bigger metro stations): not only does it pay for itself if you go to a few museums, but it also means that you can skip the queues!

The Sainte Chapelle in the Palais de Justice (included in the Carte Musee) is absolutely fantastic. I went recommended by Mumsnet and it was beautiful: you think the stained glass windows as you go in are wonderful - and then you realise that you are actually in the "basement" - and the real wonders are upstairs!

Personally, I love the Musee d'Orsay: we go every time and we still an't get enough of the place.

If your honeymoon incoudes the first Sunday of the month, then the museums are free - but then the queues are really long!


Somanykiddies · 07/02/2006 11:10

MaryBS, do you have a copy?

OP posts:

MaryBS · 07/02/2006 21:51

The recycling went out today - I'll have to look see if it made it there or not.... if not, can anyone else help?


copycat · 07/02/2006 23:59

Hi SMK. Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. I thoroughly recommend Le Coupe Chou Restaurant near the Pantheon. It is truly one of the most romantic restaurants I have ever been to and the food was wonderful. You might also consider taking an evening dinner cruise on the Bateaux Mouches which was also very romantic and great value - wine and live jazz included.
Have a lovely time.

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