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early season skiing

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JJ · 25/11/2003 20:14

It's probably to late to even consider this, but would anyone know of a good place for a week's skiing the second week of December? I've checked some places (Kaprun with Ski Esprit and various chalets in Val d'Isere) but they're completely booked. It'd just be me and my 2 yo, so there needs to be a good creche or private nanny available.


OP posts:
lucy123 · 25/11/2003 20:19

The Sierra Nevada resort is open already, v. cheap and possibly not fully booked. There is a creche which looks v good, but I haven't actually used it. And you could come and visit and lend me that book!

lucy123 · 25/11/2003 20:20

that's sierra nevada, Spain, not US.

JJ · 25/11/2003 20:29

Thanks! My son is Mr Social, so any decent creche would do. I'm off to google.

Will let you know what I find and if I can make it. Any hotel recommendations? He's a loud, boisterous boy. I'm very excited now!

OP posts:
lucy123 · 25/11/2003 20:34

Um, no. We only live 40 minute's drive away so have never stayed there. I do know that you should look into booking the creche though, especially for the weekend.

If the hotels are full, you could get a hotel further down the mountain, hire a car and drive up every day, but perhaps that's a lot of messing about with a 2 year old. You're making me wish I wasn't pregnant and could ski now!

LIZS · 25/11/2003 20:46

Have you tried St Anton/Lech (Mark Warner, for example do Chalethotels with creches, although not much discount if you drive rather than fly), Flims/Laax is open already (at least one UK operator goes there, possibly Scott Dunn) as is Davos. Are Esprit not open anywhere else that week ?

Will think on and let you know if any more spring to mind! Happy hunting, I'm sure you will find something.

LIZS · 26/11/2003 08:55

Any luck yet?

I had another flash of inspiration. We got a really good deal on a summer holiday this year through which also do Ski Holidays. They sell on holidays from companies like Esprit, Crystal etc and have searches according to type of holiday, age of kids etc. We went half brochure price to a Chalethotel with Esprit in Chamonix which worked out fine (friendly, creche, baby listening whilst adults ate together in evening which was not so good for dd as a bit too early, close to resort, lifts accessible etc). Anyway thought it might be worth a try.

good luck

M2T · 26/11/2003 08:58

What about in Scotland??? I haven't checked, but there is quite often a good fall of snow in the Cairngorms at this time of year. And I've been to Glenshee in December before. It was great!

JJ · 27/11/2003 10:23

Thanks all! The Iglu site is fantastic. I've enquired about a couple of places -- the prices are great. Is the Crystal childcare any good? I've heard great things about Esprit, but not much about Crystal. Want to come with? Should be fun....

I'm in Switzerland and it took me a little bit to realize that Spain is very far away (and it's too expensive to fly). So I'm concentrating on places that are within driving range.

Thanks again. Any other suggestions are welcome also. (Don't want to discourage anyone!)

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 27/11/2003 10:24

Try the Ski Club of GB website, They have a holiday search

LIZS · 27/11/2003 11:24

Have never used the childcare from Crystal ourselves although did travel with them a few times pre-Kids - fairly average standard of reps, accommodation usually ok, no issues etc. However I think if you look through the MN Family Ski Holiday recommendations on the home page there were (IIRC) some Crystal reviews there which might help. I believe they require NNEB or similar training. Their own website is \link\crystal ski info{} and may give you an idea.

hope you have fun !

LIZS · 27/11/2003 11:26

try again Crystal Ski site

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