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Away from London for a couple of days. Where to?

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Posey · 04/02/2006 20:54

Am hoping to get away for a couple of days with dh and kids, but we can't think where we fancy.
Any suggestions? We don't want a really long journey, up to about 2 hours by car. And not the New Forest as dh's parents live there so we visit a lot.
Also don't mind splashing out a bit as its a special occasion.

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mummytosteven · 04/02/2006 20:56



Beetroot · 04/02/2006 20:58

Babington HOuse


mckenzie · 04/02/2006 21:06

depends where you live as to whether this will even feel like you've 'gone away' but some friends have recently recommended The Grove, Chandlers Cross.
It looks lovely and the restaurants have great write ups. The Spa is fab too apparently.


Davros · 05/02/2006 12:40

SUFFOLK!!! Lovely villages, much less touristy than Cotswolds, lots of interest and a coast.


mandieb · 05/02/2006 13:23

isle of white .


mandieb · 05/02/2006 13:25

But how about London and do all the tourist things museums London Eye ,Tower of London .River boat ,see a show in the afternoon . Rainforest Cafe ,


Posey · 05/02/2006 19:57

Thanks everyone!
mandieb - we do the London tourist bit every weekend and love it, so felt like a change!
Davros - quite fancy Suffolk. Only been the once in recentish times (well about 12 years ago!) and stayed in Beccles. Can you recommend anywhere specific?

OP posts:

Davros · 05/02/2006 20:22

Oooer, now you're asking! I've never been WITH children so I'm a bit crap for that. We've stayed often at The Swan in Southwold (yes, I know, Hampstead-by-Sea ). The Swan has "garden rooms" which may be more suitable for children but less characterful. It is lovely and lots of interesting places in reach, NT and EH places plus gorgeous villages and wildlife reserves. Since we started going there's a lot more art gallery and antique shop type places but I don't mind that. Oh, and there's an excellent butcher in Southwold who kills his own meat (apparently!). Snape Maltings nearby too which is touristy but nice. I don't know where else to suggest other than ALdeburgh, there's a couple of big seafront hotels there. Someone else must know a bit more about inland Suffolk.....


Posey · 05/02/2006 20:47

I'd forgotten about Southwold, went there about 20 years ago. Will have a little browse around. Thanks!

OP posts:

Majorca · 05/02/2006 22:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lexiemum · 05/02/2006 22:55

How about Stratford Upon Avon / Warwick area. There's huge parks with rides in both towns plus a bit of (different!) history (to london) - also 10mins from J15 M40 is Hatton Country World - can spend a few many hrs here too.


mazzystar · 05/02/2006 23:19

the victoria at holkham, north norfolk coast

gorgeous beach, deer park, wonderful food, crabbing at well-next-the-sea, bliss


Posey · 06/02/2006 19:09

You lot have given loads of great suggestions, plenty for every time we fancy a day or 2 away. Will let you know which we go for.
Lexiemum - just going to see if Hatton wotsit has a website.

Thanks a lot!

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