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Recommendations for Canaries

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Jemma7 · 24/11/2003 15:47

Hi Everyone,

Am looking to book a holiday for March next year - i will be 5 months pregnant and DP and I thought it would be a good idea to go away and have a break before Baby arrives.

Have picked canaries as the weather is good all year round and will be in our price range.

There is just the 2 of us - no other children - can anyone make any recommendations - just want someone clean, pretty, not necessarily quite although i wont be out clubbing! Just somewhere we can chill for a week!

All recommendations welcome! Thanks

OP posts:
DebL · 24/11/2003 16:17

search the travel topic for more recommendations or try this thread - here
we got a really good deal from Direct Holidays to the Lanzarote Princess hotel - we go on Thursday, so will report back on return!

DebL · 05/12/2003 16:40

Hi Jemma,
the Lanzarote Princess was lovely, but the weather in Lanzarote was terrible - cloud and rain the whole week. Playa Blanca is quite a small resort, but plenty to keep us occupied for the week.

Lilismum · 05/12/2003 18:42

Hi, me and my dp and his family all went to Tenerife 2 years ago just after New Year. We stayed in Puerta De la Crux, in the north and the weather was pretty nice. But to be honest I really didn't like it, the north end is really full of German tourists which I didn't mind at all but all the resteraunts severd mainly German food, in fact we found it very difficult to find a place with any variation on foods or any vegetarian food. The south end is more for the english tourists, we went there on a day trip and I was very glad that we were in the north end, lots of english pubs and roast beef dinners. I suppose it depends what you like, I wouldn't go there again mainly as we'd came over from mainland spain where we'd had a much better time, ate proper spanish food and spent half as much money.

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