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Flying with a two year old

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1980cat · 26/01/2006 13:40

I've just got home from picking up my tickets for going on holiday next month and have realised why the holiday was so cheap. The stupid travel agent has put my daughter down as a infant despite me telling her she was 2. She has only recently turned two and is small anyway so doesn't look like she is two yet so that won't be a problem but her DOB is on her passport.
Has anyone else taken a 2 year on a flight with an infant ticket or am I going to have to get them to change it which will cost a fortune and proably mean I'll have to cancel the holiday as I can only just afford it at the moment.

OP posts:

haveafannyandnotafraidtouseit · 26/01/2006 13:42

i would tell them. it isn't worth the hassle if they stop you from getting on when you get there and check her passport


KathH · 26/01/2006 19:48

If she's over 2 you may qualify for a free child place if they were offered with your holiday - maybe?


Hulababy · 26/01/2006 19:49

Don't risk it. They check passports and if they notice that your daughter is over 2, then they could very well stop her from travelling.


KathH · 26/01/2006 19:52

sorry - meant to say dont risk travelling without telling them as they'll probably get really uppity about it. What I meant was it may work to your advantage anyway as she may get a free child place - if that makes sense!


LIZS · 26/01/2006 19:54

It may not cost as much as you fear though. Think you should own up as think it is against airline regulations for her not to have an allocated seat. They may well notice at check-in anyway in which case it would be too late to cancel or even worse on your return flight and you could get left stranded. Wasn't it clear from your confirmation statement ?


1980cat · 27/01/2006 00:35

Called them after getting home and it ended up costing me another £250 to take her and never even got an apology from the travel agent.

OP posts:

bobbybobbobbingalong · 27/01/2006 04:17

I had the opposite - paid for a child seat and got an infant boarding pass. When I asked for a seat and pointed out that my son was nearly 3, she almost sounded like she thought I was trying it on.

Then she checked, found his booking, issued him a seat and then asked me where my infant was!


1980cat · 27/01/2006 10:08

The only reaon I actually checked the tickets yesterday was when I asked the girl when I picked them up what luggage allowance she would get now that she was 2 she said oh it says she doesn't get any and then just gave me the tickets. She never clicked that there was a problem either.

OP posts:

bobbybobbobbingalong · 27/01/2006 18:11

If you kept saying your child was 2 then I think that she has given a false quotation.


Mercy · 27/01/2006 18:30

I would complain and ask for a reduction


skerriesmum · 27/01/2006 18:36

Sure you should complain about the mistake, but child tickets don't cost as much as adult ones anyway. (Assuming it's a regular carrier and not a charter.)


1980cat · 27/01/2006 21:27

The ticket for her cost the same as ours as they had no child tickets for the flight also had to pay for her tranfsers and fuel surchange(why is this an extra obviously they know your going to fly on a plane and that its going to use fuel). Will sit down tomorrow and write a long letter of complaint. Not really want anything but just to let them know that the girls selling us the holiday needs to be more careful.

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