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Lunch in Cambridge, no kids, where?

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bluesky · 20/01/2006 10:22

Dh and I are passing through Cambridge next week, and wondered if there is a 'must-eat', great place for lunch in Cambridge. A treat, as we won't have the children with us.


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twirlaround · 20/01/2006 10:31

Midsummer house
or 22 Chesterton Rd
both are fairly centrally located and you will need to book


bluesky · 20/01/2006 10:35

twirlaround, thankyou for such efficiency!!

OP posts:
MaryBS · 20/01/2006 12:25

Browns is excellent too.

Fimbo · 20/01/2006 12:57

Another vote for BROWNS

Nome · 20/01/2006 13:37

Efe's on King Street does really nice Turkish food.
The Anchor at Sutton Gault is lovely (though not strictly in Cambridge).
Restaurant 22 is fab, but I'm not sure that they do lunch.
This is the local review web site - they also do money off vouchers.

Gizmo · 20/01/2006 13:50

What sort of lunch? As a treat, I think the following are worth investigating:

La Mimosa is new and v good - possibly nicest location in Cambridge and good italian food. Definitely had teething probs when it first opened but that seems to have resolved itself now.

Browns is OK for atmosphere and location but recently has started having the odd monumentally bad day - I mean truly inedible food.

Midsummer House - oh, yummy,yummy,joy,joy. Take a deep wallet and lots of time. Definitely top of my list for 'treat' lunches.

The Backstreet Bistro , is, as its name suggests, hard to find but well worth the search.

Also have had good, good lunch at Hotel Felix , although this is about a mile out of the town centre. For uber luxury, I'd suggest staying there

MaryBS · 20/01/2006 16:41

Nome - so how do you know the Anchor at Sutton Gault?

bluesky · 20/01/2006 20:11

wow, thanks everyone, will look up those on the website and will report back.

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