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Magna Centre in Sheffield - special offers?

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sed · 15/11/2003 08:38

Does anyone know any special offers etc to get into the Magna Centre? I can't see them on anything like Air Miles or Tescos Clubcard, and I was hoping to take the kids there.
Any ideas, anyone?????
Thanks a million.

OP posts:
kmg1 · 15/11/2003 18:33

Yes they are on Tescos Clubcard sed - under millenium attractions, or something like that.

Yes, just checked Product code S3006, p.15 in our current brochure. Usual deal: £5 Clubcard vouchers gets £20 in tokens (if you're premium customer).

Do post a review when you've been. I've always fancied it, but it's a long trek for us.

hmb · 15/11/2003 18:45

Don't know about special offers, but it is a great place to visit. Well worth the trip. It is very big and at this time of the year, very cold, so wrap up warmly. My kids loved it, as did the Year 7s we took there with school.

CnR · 15/11/2003 20:50

Not yet been even though I live in Sheffield but I have heard loads of reports about how good it is. Wasn't it Sting who hired the whole place out for his son's birthday party? Must be good!

sed · 16/11/2003 18:23

Brilliant - thanks. I had been looking under Tesco's museum section !!
CnR - what else would you recommend we visit and eat? Boys are 11 and 8 and we're going for a long weekend.
Thanks, Sed.

OP posts:
CnR · 16/11/2003 19:14

If you are staying near Sheffield you could go to the Valley Centertainment to eat - not far from Meadowhall, junction 34 off the M1 (follow signs for Hallam FM Arena). There are several places to eat there and TGI Fridays is along the same road. Also there are a large cinema and Ten Pin Bowling.

If they like swimming the Ponds Forge Leisure pool is good fun with a couple of biggish slides, especially if weather isn't great. That's right into Sheffield, jut off the Parkway (junction 33).

What other things do you/they like doing?

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