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Ski-ing with year old (Esprit) any advice??

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picnikel · 17/01/2006 21:14

We're off to France with dd next month ski-ing with Esprit. She'll be 12 months old and we'll be in a chalet - any advice for the flight, transfers etc? Anyone with expeirience of Esprit? I'm a nervous flyer and this'll be the first time abroad with dd so am a bit apprehensive.

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picnikel · 18/01/2006 19:43


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LIZS · 18/01/2006 19:58

Not skied with Esprit ourselves (stayed in Chamonix with them one summer) but they are recommended on the MN Best holidays pages , so you may find more specific tips there . She won't have her own seat on the plane and possibly not on transfer bus either. Take drinks and snacks for the journey and a few small toys and flap/slide type books. Make sure she has lots of layers so they can add fleece and snowsuit, hat and mittens, boots to go outside but she won't be too hot indoors - ie vest, poloneck top and tights underneath.


Pollyanna · 18/01/2006 20:02

Yes, I've been with Esprit before. Where are you going? How long is the transfer?


picnikel · 18/01/2006 20:12

We're going to Les Arcs. Transfer from Geneva should be 3 hours (eeek!). That'll be "fun" with a small toddler but presumably there'll be lots of kiddies on the coach? Nappy changing could be a challange!

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Utka · 18/01/2006 20:25

I've only ever heard really good things about Esprit - in fact so good that dh and I are determined to go with them next year. Have a great time.


Pollyanna · 18/01/2006 20:46

We went to La Rosiere - similar transfer. The transfer is the hardest part imo - there are no facilities on the bus and probably one stop at a loo (depending on the timeof the flight). It is difficult keeping a baby occupied. Also the mountain bit of the transfer can be a bit hairy. Lots of people on our coach got travel sickness, so sit near to the front. The reps are very helpful on the coach.

Once there you should be fine if your experience is anything like ours. Take any cereal you want your dd to have and her formula/bottles. they had sterilysers and bottle warmers at the chalet we stayed in. They also had highchairs and would mush up food for the babies. She will need a snow suit and hat as she might be taken out by the nannies (and you might want to take her out too). a three wheeler pushchair is also handy if you've got one as they're easier to push on snow. Sorry this is probably all obvious.

What are your concerns?


picnikel · 18/01/2006 21:14

That's really helpful Pollyanna, thanks you! DH suggested that we sedate her for the transfer !!

I think my main concerns are the usual neurotic "what if the bus/plane crashes" which isn't terribly helpful . Could you buy nappies at the resort you stayed at? We're staying in a chalet so was wondering if I'd be able to use the kitchen to do food for dd.

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LIZS · 18/01/2006 21:17

I'm sure you could buy nappies in Les Arcs !!


picnikel · 18/01/2006 21:20

I must stop thinking we're going on some kind of arctic expedition! LOL! I'm sure French babies use nappies too!

OP posts:

LIZS · 18/01/2006 21:23

When we went there was a communal fridge stocked with fresh (well UHT !) milk. Think they provide food for tots as well as older kids at "high tea".


Pollyanna · 18/01/2006 21:26

You can get anything you need - La Rosiere is smaller than les arcs and we could get everything. The staff aren't meant to let you go in the kitchens, but we've always been let in. they are very helpful and will cater for specific diets too. the children are fed at 5ish all together and then the adults eat much later once the children are in bed.

I'm not a very good flier either, but I have found that it is easier flying with children - you have much more to think about than whether the plane is about to crash. i'm sure there are lots of threads on here about how to entertain babies on flights - unfortunately it is difficult with a 12 month old ime - they are too old to sleep for the whole journey and too young to be interested in toys/books etc for very long. There will be lots of marching up the aisle I predict!

Is chambery airport closer to Les Arcs? You might be able to switch - this would make the transfer shorter. (also, flights out of chambery seemed to be at a more civilised time than Geneva)


picnikel · 18/01/2006 21:30

Thanks. We have to fly to Geneva unfortunately as we're flying from Edinburgh. Am looking forward to it despite the wittering, missed ski-ing last year due to whale-like pregnant state!

OP posts:

Mo2 · 21/01/2006 21:08

We've been with Esprit twice now, and they have been fab! Yes - they will probably let you use the kitchen (best to keep out at peak times though!) and we found that if you needed anything special they went out of their way to help. When we were there 2 years ago DS2 was only 1, and there were also a few other babies too. We asked whether they could get fresh (rather than UHT) milk, or did we have to buy it, and the cook used to go out himself first thing in the morning to pick it up. The nursery staff were all very nice, and DS2 settled quickly, and since I was fairly neurotic about being miles away up a mountain, they sued to text me to tell me all was OK etc!

Have fun!

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