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Vienna or Salzburg?

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bellomum · 17/01/2006 10:49

Anyone been recently? Thinking of going for a weekend from London. Have a 5.5 month intrepid traveler dear baby. Is Austria baby friendly?

Thanks in advance.

OP posts:

BellaLasagne · 17/01/2006 11:04

Personally I love Salzburg - been about 5 or 6 times. Be warned though, eating out is very expensive, although there is a McDonalds in Getreidegasse if you get desperate!

I wouldn't say it's baby friendly as such, but the people are very friendly and helpful and will help you with buggy/highchairs etc. There are a lot of cobbled streets and uneven paths etc (obviously, as it's a very old city) so you may want to have a careful think about what type of buggy/pushchir to take. I'd take a cheap folding buggy and a good sling!

I went to Vienna for a day trip years ago and found it much more cosmopolitan than Salzburg and still pretty expensive. Maybe someone else has been more recently and can advise?



cod · 17/01/2006 11:25

Message withdrawn


Hausfrau · 17/01/2006 11:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummytosteven · 17/01/2006 11:37

What are you after? Vienna is very good for cafes, green spaces, grand architecture, history/palaces and art galleries/culture. Went to Vienna when I was PG in 2003, so wasn't really attuned to how baby friendly it was.


EuroExpat · 17/01/2006 11:50

Definitely Vienna. You can not move in Salzburg there are always so many tourists (no quiet season as such) so it´s a bit if a stress in narrow streets with the buggy.

I think Austria is quite baby friendly personally and I´m sure yoü´ll have a great time!


stringbean · 17/01/2006 20:05

Vienna definitely - very cosmopolitan, lovely cafes, museums, architecture, even the trams are fun to ride on. Salzburg is fine if you like the Sound of Music and Mozart - I found it a little wearing after a while! We went pre-kids, so can't comment on baby-friendlyness, but the Europeans are generally pretty good. Enjoy yourselves whatever you do - getting away anywhere with a 5 month old sounds good!


lapsedrunner · 16/02/2006 19:40

Sorry only just found this thread. Can recommend Vienna but biased as I live there with ds (3.5). For practial info look at


Cristina7 · 16/02/2006 19:54

We went to Vienna for a week over New Year. We had DS (6) and DD (10 months old). We had a great time and found the whole place extremely baby- and child-friendly. Taxis are quite cheap too (at least compared to London).


harpsichordcarrier · 16/02/2006 19:56


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