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Ryanair and buggies/carseats - advice needed!

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tonton · 16/01/2006 11:56

I'll be travelling with Ryanair to Croatia next summer by which time I'll have a 3 month old. We'll need to take some kind of buggy and I guess a car seat (bit concerned about the quality of car seats you get with rental companies).
I've been lent a very old Mamas & Papas system which has a big wheel base then a carry cot to go on top. There's also a pushchair type attachment but it doesn't go at all flat so not sure is suitable for 3 month old. Plus, Ryanair will only let you take a buggy or a car seat. Advice needed!! If I have to buy something new I will.

OP posts:

Skribble · 16/01/2006 18:25

From seeing other parents they certainly will let you take buggys, right up to the steps. Be warned though there are often steps to get up and down on the way to and from the planes. Not sure about full travel systems. You can buy quite good buggys that lie flat and fold down well. Perhaps if you payed for a seat the baby could stay in the carseat, but if not paid for it they might be Ok about putting it in the hold.

I would def phone and ask what you can take.


Hayls · 16/01/2006 18:37

With Easyjet you can take a buggy to the steps but not onto th plane and it must fold flat- not a 'pram' type one. You can buy buggies that are suitable from birth or 3 or 6 months. If you pay for a seat you can strap baby into it in the plane but check the car seat fits first

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