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Dubai - Is there such a thing as a mid-price hotel?

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MaggieW · 15/01/2006 17:53

Having organised a stopover in Dubai on our way back from New Zealand, I'm a bit shocked at the prices I've been quoted by Trailfinders for two nights in a hotel (£600+)for the four of us (and that's with DS 4, and DD 2, sharing our room). Has anyone stayed in a more economical option in Dubai that they'd recommend? We want to be close to the beach and able to access the various sights and attractions easily. Many thanks.

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going4potty · 15/01/2006 18:03

hi try the savoy appartments, they are in bur dubai part of dubai. Basically band b plus kitchen washer etc. Plus has pool and is luxurious but inexpensive .


MaggieW · 17/01/2006 07:47


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nickiw · 09/02/2006 01:32 always have good last minute prices, not sure about Dubai but they do lots of countries. Travelbag are quite good or even search direct over the net, I've seen package weekends from the UK cheaper than that!!


kama · 09/02/2006 08:05

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copycat · 09/02/2006 10:51

Hi Maggie,
Check out the Ibis on Sheikh Zayed Road. It's modern, clean and only about 2 years old as well as being cheap and well placed for restaurants and bars.
Loads of hotels to check out on Tripadvisor and you will also find a discussion forum if you wish to post your question there. In fact use the search facility as someone may have already asked for recommendations of inexpensive hotels.


MaggieW · 10/02/2006 07:58

Thanks everyone. Have actually booked the Oasis Beach Hotel. Very good reviews on and reasonable (in Dubai terms!) at £135 per night. It's also one of the limited number of hotels who'll allow two children in the room. Thanks again.

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