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Mark Warner Egypt anyone been.

22 replies

larroque · 11/01/2006 19:12

We are going Abo Soma in Feb and i would really like to hear from anyone who has been there.

OP posts:

katymac · 11/01/2006 19:16

look here description

We loved it

It was very windy

There was no nightlife

childcare & sailing were fab

What else do you want to know?


larroque · 11/01/2006 19:18

How old were your children. Were the staff nice. Did they cope with the flight over there.

OP posts:

katymac · 11/01/2006 19:21

DD is 8

The children on the flight were remarkable well behaved (& I have very high standars) but on the way back everyone was tired and cranky (prob as we didn't want to come home)

Staff (both english speaking & egyptian) were lovely

Childcare staff affectionate and competant
sailing staff fun and safety consious


larroque · 11/01/2006 19:23

What time of year did you go i am worried about the pool not being heated if the sun does not shine.

OP posts:

katymac · 11/01/2006 19:24

Dec 24- 31st

The pool was freezing

The sea was warmer


katymac · 11/01/2006 19:25

Blueskies was there at half term and it was freezing then too

The drinks are extortionate - take your own
£35 for a £5 at Tescos type prices


larroque · 11/01/2006 19:25

Thanks for the chat i am sure we will love it. It,s a break anyway.

OP posts:

bluesky · 11/01/2006 22:24

The pool is always freezing, as the wind whips across it. They don't believe in heating it and obviously never will.


Imafairygetmeoutofhere · 12/01/2006 08:14

Larroque - there was a review in the Sunday Times - I posted about it on Monday, so scroll down the 'Travel' topics's called Mark Warner Abu Soma Review....


larroque · 12/01/2006 14:49

Thanks very interesting. The pool is a shame i just hope the sun shines for us.

OP posts:

DEE7479551 · 12/01/2006 21:08

Katymac, any chance of some more info? How does it compare with Lakitira? How warm was it during the day/evening. Was it too windy for sailing? Is it more 'dressy' than usual Mark Warner places. Did the fact that it was not boiling spoil you holiday? Do they still do junior supper and activities afterwards.

Would be very grateful as considering going in Feb too.


katymac · 12/01/2006 21:15

Not been any where else with MW

It was just warm enough with shorts & tshirts - lots of wind

It was blue flag every morning and white flag about half the afternoons - no red flag tho' DH is a beginner and was a bit wary in the stronger winds - I was just OK

It gets windier in the summer aparently

I took a whole suitcase of evening clothes and wore none of them

DD love junior supper & then Tennis/videos/quiz etc

You do need warm clothes tho' in the mornings you would be best in trousers and a jumper and in the evenings too - but it warms up by about 10.30 and it cools down by about 5


DEE7479551 · 13/01/2006 08:07

Thanks for that Katymac. Considering going early Feb but the cooler weather/wind is putting me off!


katymac · 13/01/2006 09:29

I got a tan - even through the wind

And I really don't tan

DD & DH were very dark (but then they are)

the afternoons were almost to hot to sit out - when you were out of the wind


desperatehousewife · 13/01/2006 14:38

i've been looking at this place for early feb too! Read all reviews on - some really interesting feedback on here.


motheroftwoboys · 16/01/2006 16:13

We came back just a week ago having spent New Year there. It was great but not really Mark Warnerish. Very little atmosphere. VERY quiet at nights. Very, very relaxing. Beautiful hotel, wonderful rooms. We didn't actually find the pool cold once we tried it. Was only cold when you first went in. Food excellent quality but a bit boring eventually (we were there for 9 nights). YOu have to pay a supplement to eat at one of the other restaurants - Greek/Italian/Lebanese (menus all looked good) but they were all empty so didn't bother. Great gym - went every day. Cakes far too good - put on half a stone!!! re drinks prices - depends on where you live and what you are used to at home. We are from Newcastle and we didn't find prices any different from home. £3 a glass of wine, £3 a beer £4 a cocktail etc. We have teenage boys and there weren't really enough of them to get a good Indie's group going but they still had a wonderful holiday. Never saw them! Kids clubs for younger ones seemed as good as ever. Likely to go on another MW in the summer (see other thread) but considering Lykia World in Turkey. Fire away with any questions - LOVE talking about holidays. First thing I do when I get back is start thinking about the next one!


katymac · 16/01/2006 22:13

Hi Motheroftwoboys

Didya like it then?


bluesky · 17/01/2006 10:56

There are good last minute deals for end of Jan.

Also if anyone is bookinga Mark Warner holiday, if you go through Avante Garde Travel, you get a good discount. They are Mark Warner's Agent of the Year 2004 and 2005, due to the amount of business they do with Mark Warner. Tel: 01372 466 733. They saved us several hundred pounds when we went to Abu Soma.


motheroftwoboys · 17/01/2006 14:30

Hi Katymac. Yes. LOVED IT. See my other threads. Did you read my note to you earlier. Cases came back after us. Just unpacked this weekend. Will e mail you (or e mail me).


katymac · 17/01/2006 15:52

Got your other note


larroque · 18/01/2006 15:15

Hi motheroftwoboys..We are off to Egypt MW in Feb with two little ones. Was the flight ok? Is the indoor pool suitable for little ones? Really looking forward to it.

OP posts:

bluesky · 18/01/2006 16:11

larroque, there isn't an indoor pool.

There is the big one in the centre of the resort, beautiful, but freezing, kids hated it. (not just mine, I mean all children in general!)

There is a health club one, much smaller, which is still cold, they did say if they were going to heat any it would be the health club one.

Don't bank on swimming.

Flight is fine, you have to pay for lots of things on it, so take snacks, they charge a fortune for pringles etc and soft drinks. They will also try to sell you water for arriving in Egypt, but Mark Warner have bottles of water on the coach, which is a nice touch. They sell headphones so take some if you have some, there is a childrens radio channel, disney sonds etc, and there was something to see on one of the television channels. Then it is a really short transfer, one of you fills in forms for checking in and kids club, and then you're there!

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