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find me a holiday for 5 people for under £350 ono

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Tortington · 08/01/2006 15:27


thats £350 for all of us.

now we have a 16 year old and what will be 2 13 year olds so in fact according to some holiday companies we have a household of 5 adults grrrrrrrrrrrrr ( another thread maybe)

am not averse to camping - but i havent got any gear and cant afford it - plus and this is a very big plus - i have a sciento - and therefore can just about squeeze us all in nevermind camping stuff.

so upshot is am very flexible ( campi g was an example of my flexibility rahter than a prefered option iyswim)


OP posts:

MrsSpoon · 08/01/2006 15:28

Hiring a cottage somewhere?


noddyholder · 08/01/2006 15:29

when do you want to go?


dizzy34 · 08/01/2006 15:38

How about checking the loot newspaper and hiring a static caravan somewhere, look at, also eurocamp, canvas, mathews holidays have french camping out of the main season for reasonale prices


dizzy34 · 08/01/2006 15:39

that was supposed to say reasonable


Surfermum · 08/01/2006 15:42

Here! It's camping but everything's provided.


tabitha · 08/01/2006 15:44

What about this . Depending on when you go you might get it for under £350 even in high season.


Tortington · 09/01/2006 18:21

thank you verymuch - wan't bothered when to go - wanted it hotest in england if poss - but nything at a pinch

OP posts:

Gingerbear · 09/01/2006 18:24

talk very nicely to JanH - she has contacts in cottages.


Tortington · 09/01/2006 18:33

think its trevornick ta v much

OP posts:

bubblerock · 09/01/2006 18:39

May not be your cup of tea (I won't be offended)but...

Here's a costing for our Blackpool Hotel.

5 nights/6 days B&B (cereals/toast)

£50 x 3 children = £ 150
£110 x 2 Adults = £ 220
£ 370

  • 10% = £ 333

Blandmum · 09/01/2006 18:40

You can hire a nice frame tent, and all the stuff , except bedding

Oakdene forest park

It is near Bournmouth. Site has pool, club house, park, nice facilities, kids club thrown in

3308 for a week in the summer hols.....would that do you mrs?

I've been there (in own tent), and it is great, the kids had a fab time and so did we. Their tents look excellent, similar to Carvas Holidays ones IYSWIM


Blandmum · 09/01/2006 19:03

A friend went here

the amusingly named sandyballs campsite

And had a great time. Loads to do. £330 for a ready tent in the summer holidays for a week.


Tortington · 09/01/2006 19:09

ding dong mb - i think thats cheaper - and even better just up the roadish

bubblerock, your place sounds ab fab, but am originally a northerner and every family holdiay was spent in blackpool or wales - and its over 300 miles away. thanky oua nyway xxx

OP posts:

Blandmum · 09/01/2006 19:15

Soz oakdean was £308!


Tortington · 09/01/2006 19:17

sandyballs looks eggselent - however wheres the pub?

OP posts:

Blandmum · 09/01/2006 19:23

There is a pub on site. Mate said it wasn't fantastic but is there and is OK. They also have a pool complex, some kids clubs, quite a bit to do. They took their biks and had lots of fun cycling round the area. The kids had a blast . hers were 12 8 and 5 at the time. Not sure how much there would be for the 16 year old, but TBH that age is difficult in most holidays

You'd have to take bedding and towels etc, but the rest is done for you.


mandieb · 09/01/2006 19:39

we stayed at sandy balls (still makes me chuckle)in a lodge thingy and had a great time .


Surfermum · 09/01/2006 19:44

If the pub's no good we'll organise an emergency Bournemouth/Poole meet up that you can come to. We always get very drunk (well I do anyway).


colditz · 09/01/2006 19:51

I love great yarmouth, is it close to you?

Or what about a Sun holiday?

Or are you looking for something a bit more upmarket?


Blandmum · 09/01/2006 20:04

Mind you , you could buy this camping set up, which should fit in the car

you'd need an extra matress and sleeping bag

For £270, and then you'd have it for next years holidays! You could probably shop around and get it even cheaper if you looked, this was a quicj search from me. Basically I just want everyone to embrace camping

And then with the extra could book yourself into a campsite for peanuts!

I've just booked a week in wales for £77 in the kids holidays.

Yes, £77!


Orinoco · 09/01/2006 20:54

Message withdrawn


Tortington · 09/01/2006 23:56

i have a sciento - it wouldnt fit.

thanks ladies your really fabuloso in the extreem
oakdene and trevornick are the favourites.

the eggstra eggselent thing is that we have to go as PIL use our house for their holidays and FIL ( nice chap) was asking when he should book his hols

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