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Anyone been to Balamory (Tobermory)?

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Angiel · 05/11/2003 22:16

My kids would love to go and visit Balamory. I've been having a look on the web and it does look lovely, but I just wondered if anyone has been there. Would there be enough to keep them occupied if we went on holiday to the Isle of Mull or is it better to stay on the mainland and go across for a trip?

OP posts:
tamum · 05/11/2003 22:37

I haven't been, but friends were there recently for a few days. I think it would depend on the time of year really; the beaches are nice, but if the weather's awful I wouldn't have thought there was a vast amount to do. My friends hit lucky and saw them filming- met Edie McReadie and PC Plum and had their photos taken with them!!!

CountessDracula · 05/11/2003 23:42

I hate PC Plum, I would push him in the harbour if I saw him! His dancing is soooo embarrasing

bobsmum · 05/11/2003 23:51

I went as a kid many moons ago. It's very quaint - definitely enough to do for a weekend, but maybe not much longer?

Here's a good site with info on how Tobermory becomes Balamory: Tobermory

Miss Hoolie's house is really a B&B. The lady that runs it has to claim to be Miss Hoolie's housekeeper in order to keep the sprogs happy!

bunny2 · 06/11/2003 07:17

CD, PC Plum is quite fit. He's the only kick I get out of watching CBeebies anyway.

Boot1 · 06/11/2003 09:41

My sister and her family went there in the Summer and said it was so busy (although kids loved it), consequently they didn't stay long, probably a better bet to go out of season.

Tissy · 06/11/2003 09:43

I read somewhere that the locals are getting a bit peed off with people banging on their doors looking for the characters from Balamory. I suppose the guest house ownwers are coining it and not complaining though!

CountessDracula · 06/11/2003 09:47

Bunny2 I don't think he'd be very interested in girls IYKWIM!!

coppertop · 06/11/2003 10:00

PC Plum is only interested in pink-jumper-and-kilt wearers.

Frenchgirl · 06/11/2003 10:12

I went there about 10 years ago on my little tour of Scotland, and loved it. It's a really stunning island, the B&B we used was lovely and people didn't use to lock their front door(don't know if that's still the case...) and were soooo friendly. Don't know how much fun it would be for very young children though once they've seen the characters' houses. Maybe a day trip or a couple of days would be enough for them.

bunny2 · 06/11/2003 20:30

CD you dont say ... do you??? God first William Hague and now PC Plum, who can I fantasise about next? Actually had a rampant dream about Russ Abbot last night but that's another story (not Balamory).

knakered · 08/11/2003 11:55

We "attempted" to go last Christmas we had a week in southern Scotland and thought we would just pop up for a day trip but we had no idea how remote and complicated the journey would be...its a long way up

knakered · 08/11/2003 12:01

...just looked in to bobsmums tobermory link...very useful...also outlines how complicated the journey is...from Dumfrees we estimated it was an 8 hr round not a childfriendly day trip....

knakered · 08/11/2003 12:01

We "attempted" to go last Christmas we had a week in southern Scotland and thought we would just pop up for a day trip but we had no idea how remote and complicated the journey would be...its a long way up

Carla · 08/11/2003 16:19

Bunny 2

INCONCEIVABLE! He's about as fanciable as the smelly man on Tikkabilla. Tikkabilla man #2 has got to be the best bet on cbeebies!

coppertop · 08/11/2003 17:22

Which is the "smelly man" and which is #2?

lucy123 · 08/11/2003 17:43

Bunny2, you are having a laugh!

PC Plum is kind of interesting-looking but fanciable? Nooooo.

Carla, how do you know Tikkabilla man is smelly??? And which one? I think they're all lovely.

wilbur · 08/11/2003 19:30

I like Milton and/or the other one Wordsworth on Story Makers - definitely better than PC Plum. Altho, ds would be the happiest toddler on earth if he got to meet Josie Jump, she's his first crush adn he goes all quiet and moony when she comes on. Bless.

Angiel · 08/11/2003 19:55

Have you seen that man on playbus - he's gorgeous.

OP posts:
Angiel · 08/11/2003 20:01

Oops sorry I mean playdays!

OP posts:
coppertop · 08/11/2003 20:37

I take it you don't mean the pervy Mr Jolly!

Angiel · 08/11/2003 21:03

I don't know what any of their names are, he didn't look pervy to me though! He has longish hair that he has tied back and he was wearing a waistcoat the other day.

OP posts:
bunny2 · 08/11/2003 21:47

Carla, the fat blonde one on Tikkabilla is awful, you cant fancy him, surely ??? (says she who dreamt about a quickie in a shop doorway with Russ Abbot )

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