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Anyone been to Atlanta?

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Gem13 · 05/11/2003 16:44

DH is going to have to go there in the next couple of weeks for a couple of days business and I was wondering about tagging along and us having a 10 day holiday.

The thing is I want a holiday but am 25 weeks pregnant and have a 16 month old DS. So... is it worth going too?

OP posts:
LadyP · 05/11/2003 17:30

Hi Gem13

I have been, but this was about 13 years ago.

All I really remember about it was that there were a lot of shopping malls and quite a lot of woods and greenery. Oh, and people were very friendly and kept asking me to repeat phrases because of my London accent(they thought it was quaint!).

Also saw the Martin Luther King museum and memorial and the Olympic Stadium.

I'm sure if you looked on the Net you could find a lot more things to do there, but I thought it was quite a nice place.

alibubbles · 05/11/2003 17:54

I went to Atlanta this summer, it must have been the worst airport experience ever. It took over 2 hours to get out.

You have to be screened before immigration, then reunited with your luggage and then you put it on a train, you are then screened again as you have had contact with your luggage and could have taken a gun out. Take your shoes off, stand with your legs apart and DON'T drop your arms below your waist, or you get yelled at by an enormous, enormous customs lady with an Alabama accent. You then have to get on a train and meet your luggage, which comes up on the carousel in the main PUBLIC terminal, for anyone to have access to!!

The car hire desk will tell you they don't have the car you booked available and can only supply you with a more expensive one, tell them to stuff it, you'll go elsewhere, and report them to whoever you can think of, surprise, a car becomes available.

Lovely lovely Carribean porters who stay with you the whole time you are arguing with car hire desk ( 45 minutes) and load your (10) cases onto the courtesy bus and say, pay me what you think Ma'am, worth every penny, if you can grab one, you'll need it with littles with you.

Going back was a doddle, as long as you leave all your cases unlocked and show your guns and ammunition !! Do not leave any film in your luggage, it will be fogged, put it in your hand luggage.

Good business lounge, Delta airline were brilliant, fantastic business class too, service far better than Virgin Upper class.

Great shopping malls, massive and great nail bars, manicures for 15$, walk in, no appointment.

We stayed in the wierdest hotel, the W, all black and minimalist, DD and friend had a huge suite and two bathrooms, and two bedrooms, kitchen etc, we had one too, all for 99$ a night per room.

Have a great time!

Gem13 · 06/11/2003 10:51

Thanks for your replies although the airport experience sounds like a real pain. Might have to do my best pregnant woman walk together with wriggly toddler so as not to be harassed!

I like the look of the hotel too. I love the big US ones with kitchens. Great for travelling with children. I'm just hoping the timing works out so we can go too now.

OP posts:
tallulah · 06/11/2003 12:05

Alibubbles, we had the same airport security thing at orlando international in March & had to take our shoes off & be frisked... perhaps it is all US airports in the wake of 9/11?

We also had the same hire car problem in Las Vegas in 1995... nothing changes!

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