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18 month old DD mesmorised at Disneyland Paris

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CnR · 04/11/2003 21:32

We got back yesterday after a 10 day holiday driving in Northern France, with a stop over near to Disney and we have had a fab time

We visited Calais, Rouen, Chartres, Paris, Disney, Epernay and St Omer whilst away, with lots of lovely french wine and champagne to keep us going. Only problem was the ferry home - took 2 and a half hours with force 7 gales in the Channel

18mo DD absolutely adored Disney despite knowing nothing aboutDisney (other than Pooh bear) beforehand. As soon as she saw the characters walking around she was mesmorised. She was so excited the whole 2 days we spent in the parks and wanted to see all the characters and go on different rides. At only 18 months we hadn't known how she would be or what she'd be okay to do but we needn't have worried at all. She loved the Dumbo ride and the tea cups, as well as the carousel, Its a Small World, etc. In the Studios park she loved the Animagique and the Stunt Car shows best. But by far her favourite bit was meeting Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. She just wanted to cuddle and kiss them whenever she got near! I would DEFINTELY recommend it; even DH had a great time (and he was very sceptcal beforehand).

We are now definitely off to Florida next summer - with my parents and sister so we can go on the big rides too. Might as well make the most of it before we have to pa for DD's tickets.

Just a shame the holiday had to end. Came back to work today straight into OFSTED At least my inspected lesson - bottom set year 8 - went fine and it is now over again. Roll on the next holiday!!!

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Gem13 · 04/11/2003 21:41

Thanks for the review. Disney sounds magical for little ones and it would be good to go before DS (15 months) could get sucked in to the whole merchandise thing. Can't see him moving from the Stunt Car show though!

I'm tempted to take him soon, possibly January. Might give the ferry a miss and get Eurostar instead especially as I'll be 35ish weeks pregnant!

CnR · 04/11/2003 21:51

Gem13 - definitely goany other way but by ferry in the winter. Our ferry crossing on the way back was so so bad. I am normally fine but this time I have never been so sick

The stunt car show is in te Walt Disney Studios and is really good, lasts about 45 minutes or so with car and bike chases, fire, explosions, etc.

We also found that there wasn't really any merchandise pushing at all. Yes, there are shops and stalls here and there but no one trying to get you to go in and buy. We did end up getting DD a Donald Duck though as she fell in love with them. I already had a Mickey and Minnie from when I was a teenager. I found these out for DD last night when we got back and she had the biggest smile thinking they had been sent home especially for her

By January your DS will be the same age as DD now so I am sure he will have a great time.

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