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Milan/ Lake Garda?

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Skribble · 05/01/2006 01:25

Have located reasonable flights to Milan in April. I was considering a campsite on Lake Garda at the South end. Is is possible to get to Lake Gardas without a car, not sure of the distance. Any recomendtions for campsites where i can hire a mobile home/ chalet. I was looking on the Alan Todgers site.

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mummytosteven · 05/01/2006 01:27

There's a train station at Desenzano. Not sure if there are any other resorts that have station. IIRC Lake Como is a bit nearer to Milan than Garda (never actually been to Milan and Lakes but was thinking of doing it last summer, so did a bit of preliminary reseach!!!)


merlot · 05/01/2006 08:57

We went to Lake Garda last August. Got really cheap flights with Ryan Air to Brescia. We then hired a car, but there are buses which take you to Lake Garda from there - about a 45 mins journey??

We went with Keycamps to San Vito/Cisano campsite. It was very busy (but it was August) and the pitches were very, very small - but the shower blocks etc.. were spotless.


LIZS · 05/01/2006 09:27

Agree I think lakes Maggiore, Lugano and Como are all closer to Milan than Garda. Verona woudl be nearer. You can certainly get from Lugano to Milan by train but the airport is a way out of the city. Personally I think these areas are better done with a car. Lake Garda itself is large and even the boats take a while to go from place to place so you may feel a bit restricted without your own transport.


Skribble · 05/01/2006 22:11

I thought it would probably be best to hire a car but was trying to keep it cheap. Don't want to much hassle though and the thought of arriving and negotiating trains and getting to the actual park is to much i think with 2 kids for the first time. Any links for cheap car hire.

OP posts:

Nools · 25/01/2006 10:49

We stayed at Bella Italia campsite on Lake Garda last summer. It has a website and you save money by booking direct.It has fantastic facilities for kids and you can hire chalets otr bungalows with A/C. It is beside the Lake where you can hire speedboats, swim go on boat trips. It is walking distance from the town of Garda which has a train station.

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