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Butlins Hotel - Shoreline. Anyone been ..

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SantasSandyBalls · 04/01/2006 15:41

...... I'm trying to talk DH into it as the DD's are deseperate to go for their birthday in March rather than have a party (which suits me!) but it really doesn't appeal to him. I thought the hotel might be marginally better than the huts on-site but don't know anyone who has tried it. Surely he could put up with it for the DDs birthday

OP posts:

grumpyfrumpy · 08/01/2006 20:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

albosmum · 08/01/2006 21:03

not shoreline but stayed in grim apartment - the shoreline hotel looks fine - definitely better than the huts!

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