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Does anyone know anything about Sardinia?

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spacedonkey · 02/01/2006 18:53

Which are the nicest bits to go to? Any tips/recommendations? I'm thinking of going to the north west of the island ...

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mamandelion · 02/01/2006 19:32

yes, have been to Alghero 3 times (courtesy of the cheap flights of Mr Ryanair). Alghero is a great place to stay. Let me know if you'd like more detailed info about good places to eat etc. Stintino is well worth a visit, but you'd need to hire a car for that.


MummyJules · 02/01/2006 19:38

\\This} is a great website for information about destinations with child options available. Hope it helps!


MummyJules · 02/01/2006 19:39

so my link didn't work very well. Here goes again here


spacedonkey · 02/01/2006 19:39

thank you! I'm thinking of going for a weekend with my mum, hiring a car and having a look around the island. She's thinking of buying a property there -so any recommendations of places to stay/eat would be most welcome.

OP posts:

desperatehousewife · 02/01/2006 19:41

oooh when SD? we're looking for somewhere to go too that might be warm during feb (oh, and cheap!)


jenkel · 02/01/2006 19:54

We had a lovely holiday in Sardinia a couple of years ago, we were in the Costa Smeralda region quite near Porto Cervo. We stayed in a self catering resort and cant for the life of me remember the name, dd1 was 8 months at the time. The beaches were lovely, none near where we were staying, well about a 10 mind drive. Didnt think much of Porto Cervo, unless you like looking at very expensive yachts and very expensive shops. The beaches were very clean and werent too crowded, we went at the end of May, we ate out all the time and restaurants were very child friendly, beware though as they tend to eat late, so none open particulary early and we always tried to get in as soon as they opened so were generally on our own, but kids were made to feel very welcome in each one we went to. Not much else to do with young children apart from the beaches but that was fine for us.

Oooh, sorry just read that you are going with your mum, so child friendly aspect probably not an issue, but this may be helpful to somebody. And I'm jealous if your mum is going to buy a property there, what a lovely place to live.

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