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Help needed - NYD in S London / Kent

6 replies

MrsQ · 29/12/2005 13:40

Any good (or even bad or indifferent at this stage!) suggestions for a day out with in-laws and our 2 1/2 year old DS on New Year's Day? We're in Bromley, so any London or Kent kind of suggestions welcomed. Cheers!

OP posts:

Twiglett · 29/12/2005 14:07

see if Gambado in Beckenham is open?

Horniman museum in Forest Hill (again check opening)

Greenwich Park and a wander?


Twiglett · 29/12/2005 14:08

personally I'd hop on a bus up to town and go for chinese food


troubledmummy · 29/12/2005 14:46

hi we always like richmond park its great even if its cold my dd4 loves going and if its been snowing it even better dont know if it may be too far for u hope u hevr a great day whatever u do


k74 · 29/12/2005 15:17

London aquarium and then walk down past south bank to Gabriel1s Wharf?

OOo science musuem bottom floor is the best place to take kids. And the blue reef cafe there is fab.


Misspiggy · 29/12/2005 19:53

Is the London Eye all booked up? If it is or doesn't suit, I'm with Twiglett on Greenwich Pk. There are deer, loads of ducks, a lovely swing park in the lower part of the park plus a decent cafe for hot choc etc. You could then wander into Greenwich (Cutty Sark, Maritime museum etc) and loads of restaurants, cafes etc. Blackheath is lovely for something to eat as well. HTH Have fun!


beansprout · 29/12/2005 19:55

You could come and rescue me from my in-laws in Chatham?!

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