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"We're going to Barbados!"... but what on earth will I need for dd??!!!

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Mingles · 25/10/2003 15:51

My partner, dd and I are off to Barbados in a couple of weeks for a fortnight. Partner and I have been a few times before, so we know what to expect as far as climate, hotel, local area is concerned. But we've never been away for 2 weeks with our 5 1/2 month old dtr. What have other ppl found useful in a hot climate with mozzies? The hotel has a/c and a cot with mozzie net. We're taking our Mac Quest, a parasol,a UV sunsuit, hat that stays on, sunscreen etc. But are there any other useful things I don't know about? DD is almost sitting, is there a portable device we can take to avoid sitting her in the buggy all the time? We've decided against a pop up tent, we know the beach and hotel have lots of shade. What about those mozzie plug-in devices? And any other tips, advice, useful items? Was feeling fairly chilled about the holiday, but now getting a little stressed (but nothing a rum or 2 wont cure when we're out there!)!

OP posts:
elena2 · 25/10/2003 17:14

What about a 'Bumbo' seat? They're sort of potty shaped and sized, and are great for babies who are starting to sit up!
I think Mothercare might have started doing them, otherwise, you could do a search on the net.

lalaa · 28/10/2003 09:03

Definitely take mozzie plug ins. V helpful. I didn't put one in my dd's room, just outside. Also, have you got a mozzie net for her pushchair - v good when you go out in the evening.

SofiaAmes · 28/10/2003 23:30

Long sleeve/legs clothing for dd so she doesn't get burned/bitten. Bring hypo allergenic PABA-free suntan lotion. It's easy to find in the uk, may not be so easy when you get there. Probably worth doing a skin test before you go. A baby bjorn or some other soft carrier might be a good idea too as buggy's don't work well in the sand. I always bring a thin muslin type piece of fabric to drape over the buggy. It keeps out sun but is light so your baby won't get too hot.

Janstar · 29/10/2003 00:18

When I went dd1 was 15 months. What I remember is arriving and finding no cot. Of course, reporting this disaster in Barbados was useless. They are so laid back it can all wait till tomorrow. We had to sleep with dd in between us on two single beds pushed together. A dodgy and most uncomfortable operation. Be prepared would be my advice.

bobthebaby · 29/10/2003 02:34

Take an alternative baby carrier in case your pram gets lost and also to use in airports. Don't rely on the hotel cot having a mozzie net that doesn't have holes in it. Take one of those ones which you can use on your buggy too. I took one of those breastfeeding pillows on holiday and found it was brilliant for propping up a baby wherever and whenever, although it was bulky to drag on the plane it was worth it. HTH

princesspeahead · 29/10/2003 08:53

my top tip for beaches and babies is to take a little tin of talcum powder. then when they are all sandy and sticky from suntan lotion, sprinkle them with talc and you can just brush the sand off like magic. without it you end up scratching them and the sand doesn't fall off anyway.

very useful to desand little feet before putting into shoes, and for desanding creases whenever.

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