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a hen weekend!!!....but where???

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tiredemma · 23/10/2003 15:49

my absolute bestest friend in all the world is getting hitched at easter, we are now in the process of arranging a hen weekend, but we are all stuck for ideas, we are toying with the idea of dublin but have hit a few obsticals with that one - a) the weekend we are going is ireland v scotland at rugby so the hotel prices are extortionate
b) apparently its now against the law to smoke in public places there, i dont smoke but all of the other girls do, it will be no fun watching loads of girls going cold turkey because they cant get a nicotine fix all weekend.
so now we are back to the drawing board, have any mumsnetters got any ideas of where we can go, pref a city break where we can run riot!
thanx ladies!!

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