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When should I pack?

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katymacracker · 14/12/2005 21:16

Actually stuff the when should I and change that to when on earth will I find the time to pack?

OP posts:

DoesntChristmasDragOn · 14/12/2005 21:34

You only started this thread to rub it in that you're going away...


katymacracker · 14/12/2005 21:36

Only a little bit

However I want to pack this weekend but my mum says I have to wait until Thursday night

Travelling Friday (23rd)

OP posts:

LIZS · 14/12/2005 21:39

Surely you can now pack the summery stuff you aren't going to wear in the meantime.


katymacracker · 14/12/2005 21:40

She says everything will be crushed

But won't it be crushed anyway after being packed?

OP posts:

motheroftwoboys · 16/12/2005 15:06

I am pathetic and never pack till the very last minute and get in Big Panic and Thoroughly Bad Mood. Last year we were going on a cruise (big packing) and was packing from 12 till 2 a.m. (after big work function that I had to organise). Our train left at 8.30 a.m. I survived by just drinking Red Bull and espresso at the party. Us nearly missing the ship is another - very long - story. We fly to Gatwick p.m. on Wed 28th to go on holiday for New Year the next day. You can guarantee I will be packing that afternoon - shouting and screaming and having hissy fits with the family either hiding or laughing. The joys of holidays! Also want to manage to get a tan by then (hollow laugh) had planned a few sun beds but hasn't happened yet. Plus a bikini wax! Ouch! Manicure and pedicure can def. wait till we get there.

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