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Question for Eurodisney veterans

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handlemecarefully · 14/12/2005 11:29

I have actually been to DLP before but I struggled at meal times - not for the main meal, but for the light lunch time meal (trying to find something which is also fairly healthy for the little ones)

Found it easy enough to find nutritionally well balanced meals for dinner, but my two enjoy a light lunch. Tbh the sort of thing that suits them best is the 'pic n mix' style choose 5 items lunch boxes that abound in the UK (you know - you can choose a box of raisins, a carton of apple juice, a small cheese portion, a sandwich etc)...

Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place, but last time we went to DLP we found that if you didn't want a full meal, you're only options were fries and hotdogs or a pastry / cake.

Does this problem seem familiar? - were there any cafe's / restaurants that I missed that offer 'pic n mix' style food?

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handlemecarefully · 14/12/2005 12:07


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LIZS · 14/12/2005 12:14

Not as far as I remember I'm afraid. Perhaps you could get something along those lines in the station before you go in. Was pleasantly surprised by the type of food available at Legoland this summer but don't recall any thing similar at DLP.


handlemecarefully · 14/12/2005 12:21

Ummm - I thought that might be the case. Back to the pastries for lunch then!

It's annoying though!

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arfuryourselfamerrylittlexmas · 15/12/2005 12:43

There is a deli/baguette shop in the main street where we had lunch last time obviously extortionate pricing but reasonable baguettes ham cheese salad etc we bought one between our two and cut it in half. Not pic n mix style but more lunchie than anything else there. Cant remember what it was called but as you enter the park its about halfway down the mainstreet on the right hand side with tables outside in a kind of side street. Other than that dont think so - we struggled with this too as surely no one wants two cooked meals a day? DLP really should sort this out imo!.


calpopscalum · 15/12/2005 19:11

we helped ourselves to extra rolls, ham etc at breakfast time which we wrapped up and kept for lunch! Sneaky!! I also brought a supply of little boxes of raisins, babybel cheeses, cartons of drink, organix cereal bar and other lunchtime snacky things with us which we used. Glad we did as there wasn't much at all. We did go to the burgery type place one lunch time though and all had a slice of pizza before they rampaged on the indoor play thing.
Hope that helps! might teach DLP a lesson if everyone starts nicking the breakfast stuff for lunch! Our kids wereonly 18m and 2 1/2 then so they might be demanding all the crap next time!
have fun!

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