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day trip to France

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looloo · 19/10/2003 20:06

We are going on a day trip to France during Half term, Dover to Calais, with the car and our two boys aged 5 and 2 years. Any suggestions of where to go, what to do, where to eat etc. so we don't spend half of our day looking around!

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Cam · 20/10/2003 12:57

Nausicaa in Boulogne, the biggest aquarium ever!

looloo · 22/10/2003 13:20

Thanks Cam, definately sounds like one to try!

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kmg1 · 22/10/2003 13:50

We drove on the coast road towards Boulogne, and just stopped off at little shops/cafes on the way - to give the boys 'a taste of France'.

Have fun! We have since moved 'oop north', so it's no longer possible for us But the boys still talk about our day - it was 18 ago now; ds2 was nearly 3 and ds1 was 4.5, but they still remember that trip I hope your boys enjoy it just as much.

CnR · 22/10/2003 14:19

Definitely towards Bolougne I would say. Seems to be the nicest places that way.

We are off to France for 10 days over half term, going Friday morning - Dover Calais ferry at noon. Our first stop is on the beach at Calais, not been before but wanted a stop close by as we will have been travelling ages anyway by then.

Have a nice time

kayleigh · 22/10/2003 14:39

looloo, we did Nausicaa in June and I would definitely go along with that recommendation. My two boys are exactly same age as yours and they both loved it. You might just want to prewarn them that it is a bit dark in there so it doesn't come as a suprise. My eldest was a bit dubious at first as it is quite dark - the reason is probably so that the lit tanks look more impressive.

looloo · 22/10/2003 22:55

Thanks for the warning, Kayleigh. Our eldest is also afraid of the dark, so we will have time to think about how to approach that one! Thanks for all the other suggestions, it seems Bolougne is our best bet!

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looloo · 31/10/2003 20:55

Went to France and had a great day. Headed straight for Bolougne and the aquarium, which was great, so thanks!

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