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off to the lakes... rec for lunch???

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bea · 02/12/2005 18:29

wooo! Hoo!!! off to the lakes tommorrow.. dropping kiddies off at mum and dads and me and dh are off to bowness on windermere for ONE night away...

we'll prob get there for sat lunch... so any recommendations ? something light as we're having a slap up meal at the hotel... but will need anotehr place for eating on sunday lunchtime... just before we go pick up kiddies...

also hoping to do some christmas shopping... will prob head for ambleside.. what do all you travellers and lakesiders think??

ps... many thanks to all mumsnetters who helped with recs to stay a couple of months ago....

can't wait ... but also will miss the kiddies... can't live with 'em... can't live without them!!!!

OP posts:

RacersTheRedNosedReindeer · 02/12/2005 18:58

I think there's a place called Jericho's which is recommended, but I haven't tried it. Sorry, not much help that! have fun


RacersTheRedNosedReindeer · 02/12/2005 19:00

sunday lunch - whereabouts are you heading to pick up kids? do you want somewhere in lakes of en route? excellent (pricey) pub off m6 jnt 33 called Bay Horse. Come off M6 at jnt and head south towards Preston, only a few hundred yards, there's a sign for the turnoff to the pub.


bea · 02/12/2005 19:03

hmm! just looked up there website... sounds yummy... we're picking the kids up from manchester... does it sound plausible?

thanks RTRNR... !

OP posts:

RacersTheRedNosedReindeer · 02/12/2005 19:04

or en route


RacersTheRedNosedReindeer · 02/12/2005 19:06

oh god yeah, just hop off the mway and hop back on. I go to Stockport all the time and on the way stop at Trafford Centre. It's another 50 mins to Trafford Centre - from there on in it all depends whereabouts you are going, of course!


RacersTheRedNosedReindeer · 02/12/2005 19:08

It probably takes about 40 mins from Windermere to the Bay Horse, at a guess... 20mins to mway, 20 mins on mway.


Anteater · 02/12/2005 21:31

Hope this is not too late, been away!
In Bowness is a fab Italian, called the Porthole, not cheap excellent!
Zefferelis(sp) in Ambleside is very good for veggy stuff..


RacersTheRedNosedReindeer · 02/12/2005 21:36

Oh yes I forgot to mention Zeffarelli's (also sp?!)


philippat · 02/12/2005 22:01

sheila's cottage in ambleside
the caff in Lakeland in Windermere is good but busy (depends on whether you want to buy lakeland stuff)
Chesters at Skelwith Bridge for tea and cakes

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