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Kerala houseboats

9 replies

CountessDracula · 17/11/2005 11:25

Anyone been on these and can recommend a company in Kerala?

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MoggyMummy · 17/11/2005 11:32

My friend is going this christmas - will ask her what she is using.


CountessDracula · 17/11/2005 11:39

just want a couple of nights really, not a package

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MoggyMummy · 17/11/2005 11:39

ahh - sorry - she has no idea whether they are good or not - ahe hasn't been yet - hahahah - what a thicko I am! SHe is using the following company:



MoggyMummy · 17/11/2005 11:41

Yes friends arealso only doing this for a few nights. Apparently talk to Faith - she is very good at customizing to suit your needs.


CountessDracula · 17/11/2005 11:44


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Milly1968 · 17/11/2005 19:57

I'm very jealous! We went on a Kerala houseboat eight years ago on our last trip to India, it was fantastic as was the rest of Kerala. We also liked a Munar which is a little hill station surrounded by tea plantations, some 3 hours away from Cochin.

The houseboat itself we booked through our hotel in Allepey. After Allepey we had a couple of nights at the Taj Garden Retreat on Lake Vambernand which was also v.nice.

Hope you manage to get something sorted.


indiaguide · 03/03/2007 12:33

you can try


manyhands · 09/03/2007 08:20

My advice is to get one with an engine, I was 7 months pregnant when we went and I roasted. Whilst we were in Kerala we stayed in a Maharajs hunting lodge in Periyar national parks which I couldn't recommend highly enough. It's really cosy and often has more staff than guests which means you get totally spoilt has wonderful gardens and you can sit on your verandah, drinking tea and watching the elephants. I'd love to go again but it's expensive.


dejags · 09/03/2007 08:24

CD - you are making me sooooo envious

Will watch this thread with interest as Kerala is high on our list for a trip early next year.

Not sure how suitable a houseboat would be for a 6, 3 and 9 month old though.

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