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somewhere nice to eat in london (without having to take out a 2nd mortgage to eat there!!)

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tiredemma · 02/10/2003 20:04

my dp is treating me to a weekend in london without the kids as i go back to work from maternity leave on monday.
i dont want to spend the evenings walking around looking for a good resturant, do any of you know of any good resturants that are reasonably priced, i dont want to pay through the nose just cuz its london.
all suggestions greatly appreciated!!
also any tips on things we can do in the day, i havnt been to the "big smoke" for about 10 years! im keen to shop (of course) but fancy doing the tourist thing aswell as the next time we get a weekend down there will probably be when i draw my pension!!

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 02/10/2003 20:27

Tiredemma, where are you staying (presume you don't want a long hike to restaurant)? And how much per head incl wine do you want to spend?

My absolute fave restaurant in London is Club Gascon in Smithfield - it is like french tapas and is truly fantastic. From around £40 per head I should think if you don't go wild, though we usually spend much more due to lovely wine etc! (and being total pigs)

Nice tourist things, well there are millions. The London Eye, National Gallery, Riverbus to Greenwich and greenwich itself. What are you into?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

tiredemma · 02/10/2003 20:57

thanks a lot, we are staying in kensington, £40 ph is probably what i would expect to pay. because we dont get to go out alone much any night out is a bonus so i will literally eat in any kind of resturant just to say ive ventured away from my front path.!!- we both love tapas- mainly spanish as it reminds us of when we first met in majorca and were "free spirits and so in love " eugh! (now look at us - ive aged about 30 years since the birth of ds2!) but id certainly give french tapas a try.
definetly want to go on the london eye i know that there is so much to do and ill probably just end up eating like a pig and catching up on sleep!

OP posts:
Janstar · 02/10/2003 21:06

I love wandering around Covent Garden market. There are shops and craft stalls, restaurants and bars, buskers and often classical musicians playing in the basement.

tomps · 02/10/2003 21:10

The Abingdon - Abingdon Road off Ken High St. Not tapas but used to be v good (not been for a while). Cuba on High St Ken has tapas menu. Also used to be good. Also haven't been for a while. HTH

louli · 02/10/2003 21:12

This website is great for restaurants in London Squaremeal Hope you have a great time.

tiredemma · 02/10/2003 21:22

thanks everyone , im going to be really fat when i come home on sunday!

OP posts:
Posey · 02/10/2003 21:43

Hope you have a fab time!
Can't be much help on the restaurant front as we tend to stay fairly local and are across London from where you're staying.
But would like to recommend one of our favorite ways of spending a fine day in London. Start at St. Paul's or The Monument and climb one of them, just for the fab view. You have to pay for both and St. Paul's is considerably more. Then walk over the wobbly bridge to the Tate Modern, which is free and quite interesting (depending on your take on modern art). Then have a wander along by the Thames where you can also see the old Shakespearse theatre whose name has completely escaped me.
Another favourite place is St. James park. Lovely park and surrounded by spectacular buildings.

CountessDracula · 05/10/2003 22:42

Posey it's the Globe!
Not big on spanish tapas so sorry can't help you on that one.

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