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advice on clothing for 2year old when in austria

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Happylady · 04/10/2001 12:11

We are going on a works christmas outing in december to oburgurgle in austria and we have never been there before. Could any one tell me what is the best clothes for me 2 year old to wear and any surgestions on foot wear would be welcome.

We would welcome any information that you think would be helpful.

OP posts:
Paula1 · 04/10/2001 13:09

Obergurgl is a ski resort, so there (should) be snow at that time. I would suggest a snow suit and some of those fluffy welly boot type things (with grips on the bottom so they don't slip)

Robbie · 04/10/2001 16:23

Hi Happylady,
Check out Hennes kids dept - they have fantastic snow gear for half the price of normal ski suits.
They don't do snow boots but I think you will need them - I had my kids in wellies and thick socks last year and their feet got too cold in the snow.
Enjoy your trip - it sounds like fun.

Happylady · 17/10/2001 12:18

Thanks for the advice I will try hennes out, Will have to see if I can hire boots out there for my son. Any-body surggest the best clothing for adults(with out costing a lot). We have never been skiing before so any advice would be welcome.


OP posts:
Helenmc · 20/10/2001 20:47

We went to Obergurgle many years ago, it has an excellent snow record being the highest parish in Austria - it's also very very small with very little traffic, and we have taken our 2yr old to Italy skiing. first kids don't like getting cold - so get an all-in-one-suit - no gaps. Secondly waterproof gloves - when snow melts it makes their hands freeze very quickly. We got Katie some rugged oots but it was a nightmare doing the laces up the feet and ankles and they didn't keep her feet very warm. Go for wellies a couple of sizes to put lots of socks on and see if you can get some fleecy insoles (perhaps the ones with sliver backing and cut them down) so take lots of things to do indoors. Also get some sunglasses, the snow everywhere makes things very bright. Obergurgl is very small so there's not a lot of shopping. It's also a long way up the valley so take plenty to do/listen to on the coach journey from the airport. Which hotel are you staying at ?? the Edelweiss has a creche down stairs. I think it has a swimming pool so it's worth taking swimming stuff. take plenty of things to do inside, kids aren't much good at taking in the scenery over a gluhwein.
Are you flying ? Or going by snow train or coach?
Take spare set of clothes in hand luggage, and you can take your buggy right up to the plane and they will put it in the hold rather than lose it in the hold.
Also get some good sun screen - it's high altitude and the sun reflects off the snow and you get sore nose in no time at all. So get proper ski stuff that won't freeze. Also because it's high up you might find it difficult to sleep for the first few nights.
Wish I was coming too - we're now waiting for our twins 5th birthday, and Katie will be 8 then and they can all go in ski school.
Also advice to mums & dads - get fit !!! the fresh air and exercise will tire you out long before your child !!

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