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short notice for a flight !! Big price

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scottiebabe · 30/09/2003 22:03

Unfortunately we have had a family bereavement,which should mean dh and ds on way to scotland for funeral but once the arrangements were made I find I cannot get them on any mode of transport to get them there in time - they can fly half way round the world but not from london to scotland - ridiculous - one airline did offer a flight and a price which was utterly over the top but they had to fly from london dublin and london to edinburgh, another airline told me i could not book within 48 hours of a flight for security reasons. We dearly loved this relative but cannot justify spending nearly 2 weeks wages on the fares - madness - sorry just wanted a rant

OP posts:
JanHR · 30/09/2003 22:10

have you tried easyjey or bmi baby

forestfly · 30/09/2003 22:11

How about the train?

JanHR · 30/09/2003 22:11

When is the funeral and what airporst do you want to go from/to?

pie · 30/09/2003 22:16

You could try though you would be best off being flexible on days, might not be so good for getting to the funeral.

You say what you want to pay, when you want to go and they try to find an airline that will take that price. The catch is that when you put in what you are willing to pay you give you card details and they buy the ticket if an airline will match the price straight away and you are stuck with whatever they find.

HTH and makes sense.

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