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Florida/Disney - villas and flights

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Hulababy · 09/11/2005 08:20

Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations?

Flights - wanting something reasonable cheap in June. Not bothered by the "benefits" of flying BA or Virgin. Just want to get there We went with Travel City Direct last time, whixh we fine - just wondered if anyone knew of other similar airlines that maybe fly from more local airports.

Villa - again went through TCD last night but for the villa we'd rather not again. Want 3 bed villa with pool, close to parks for 2 weeks in June time.


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triplets · 11/11/2005 22:31

Hi Hulaby,
I think we have chatted before! We have booked for next Oct, booked it all last May! Got very good flights and cars through Tracy at Charter Travel in Surrey, very good service. Booked a villa which looks perfect, its called Lake Retreat at Davenport, you can find it if you type that in, its on a few sites but one is www.pickavilla. It sounds fantastic and even had loads of disney dressing up clothes for the kids. Last year we had a villa in Rolling Hills Estate, nr Formosa Grdens, it was very nice, only I like a change so thats why we are not going back there, but would recommend it, have the details if you want them!


Hulababy · 11/11/2005 22:37

Thanks a lot.

Details would be great - either her or e-mail me on claire(dot)king13(at)btinternet(dot)com; thanks

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triplets · 13/11/2005 07:20

I see she has updated the villa details on this site, www.villas2go4 property ref 1706, have a look, it seems perfect, ex location, in a cul-de-sac so with the bikes great for the kids!


Hulababy · 13/11/2005 08:08


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SecondhandRose · 13/11/2005 08:51

We've got a villa on Windsor Hills available in June, it's the nearest gated resort to Disney at only 2 miles away from the entrance to Disney property. As well as your own pool and spa there is an Olympic sized pool, fountains, pool slide, giant chess, children's play areas, tennis, shop and a cinema all on site. The resort is securely gated and manned 24 hours. I will do a very reasonable price for another mumsnetter. You are welcome to contact me through mumsnet.


Hulababy · 13/11/2005 08:57

I have sent you a CAT. In case you don't get it my e-mail is:


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SecondhandRose · 13/11/2005 09:08

Have emailed you.


Janbo25 · 13/11/2005 09:09

Hulababy I also have some details if you would like me to forward them onto you?


Hulababy · 13/11/2005 09:10

Yes please

Can you use the e-mail listed below.. Thank you.

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