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Calling Brighton people - cheap hotels please.

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Tinker · 25/09/2003 19:20

Hello Brighton people. I've been invited to a wdeding in Brighton in between Christmas and New Year. I'll need to stay down there for 2 to 3 nights and was wondering if you could recommend somewhere super nice but super cheap as well It'll be me, boyfriend and 6 year old daughter so can't be too dossy.


OP posts:
Cam · 26/09/2003 15:00

Tinker, try looking at Brighton tourist office website?

CountessDracula · 26/09/2003 15:09

or try or

Twink · 26/09/2003 18:36

Tinker we had a family wedding there earlier in the year, I'll email a couple of cousins to see where they stayed if you can wait a couple of days.

Tinker · 26/09/2003 19:08

Thanks everyone. I was just being lazy and hoping someone would tell me the answer Twink, that would be great if you could get some details - thanks

OP posts:
tamum · 26/09/2003 19:13

Not remotely super-cheap, but Alias Hotels have recently opened one there called Seattle (or something similar). They're run by the same people as Woolley Grange et al, so although they're not advertised with families in mind they are quite child-friendly. Have a good time!

Cam · 27/09/2003 11:51

That's the problem Tinker super-nice and super-cheap probably doesn't exist at Brighton prices.

Twink · 27/09/2003 18:52

Still waiting to hear back from family but I do know there's a Travelodge which is pretty central for £60 a night for a family room. Not that that meets your supernice (or even just nice) criteria !

Twink · 05/10/2003 18:16

Tinker, family stayed in a Premier Lodge in the town centre. Around £50 per room but very noisy and one of my cousins said it was full of stag do participants.

Do you know the dates you will be down ? We've not decided who's going where for Christmas yet but if it's my turn (and I suspect it is..) my mum's place is about 8 miles out of Brighton so you could spend your budget on taxis instead of rooms !

Tinker · 05/10/2003 19:56

Wow, that's a very fine suggestion Twink . thanks for the review of Premier Lodge. The wedding is booked for 29 Dec - a Monday. So it'll be 28 the and 29th I imagine. Wonder if she read this, she'll recognise herself.

OP posts:
Tinker · 14/11/2003 15:34

The Kings Hotel on Kings Road Brighton - horrid or acceptable? They have a deal atm. Thanks

OP posts:
Twink · 14/11/2003 18:19

Website certainly makes it look ok but then they're not going to shout 'stinking fish'. It certainly looks a better bet than the Premier Lodge and for similar £.

Another one that might be worth a look is the Old Ship Hotel which is closer to Palace Pier and has recently been refurbished.

Mum has decided it IS her turn this year as we weren't in the UK last year so my other idea isn't any good, sorry !

Tinker · 14/11/2003 18:38

Thanks Twink, wasn't really going to hold you to the offer Premier Lodge has a special deal that they don't advertise apparently's only for a few nights so will take the chance on the Kings.

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