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Isle of Wight - Anyone know of a good child friendly hotel with creche?

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Jennyb · 27/09/2001 16:07

Hi all, while I was staying in another hotel recently, I was chatting to another mother who mentioned that there was a fantastic hotel in the Isle of Wight with a fabulous creche and I can't remember the name of it - can anyone help?

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Marina · 28/09/2001 09:13

Jennyb, as an occasional visitor to the island I have to say that you can count the truly fantastic hotels there on the fingers of one hand.

It could be the Wight Mouse at Chale, which has won awards for its family friendly pub provision and does also do rooms, so maybe they have a creche?

The other hotel that it could be is Farringford Lodge in Freshwater. This has baby-listening and self-catering suites in the grounds. Pretty location, lovely old building, but definitely not in the Babington House/Moonfleet Manor league...sorry, we always self-cater (cheapskates!)

Jennyb · 11/10/2001 20:55

Thanks Marina, but it's neither of those. Perhaps we'll go to Cornwall instead!

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