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What's the difference between Mark Warner and Sunsail?

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katymac · 27/10/2005 20:20

We are booked on a MW in December and am looking to go away again in April.

The Sunsail holiday is nearly half the price of the MW one....why?

DD will be 8 and already sails - if that is important

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katymac · 27/10/2005 21:40


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cod · 27/10/2005 21:55

Message withdrawn

katymac · 27/10/2005 22:00

I hardly ever understand you cod

less boden??? at sunsail or MW and why would it matter?

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cod · 27/10/2005 22:01

Message withdrawn

katymac · 27/10/2005 22:03

I know - but I don't get the joke (sorry)

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chonky · 27/10/2005 22:03

Spot on cod

MW far more mainsteam, I think it appeals more to people who fancy trying a bit of that sailing lark in between sunbathing - rather than the 'eating, sleeping and breathing sailing' types. MW had more choice of activities than Sunsail, but Sunsail's range and quality of dinghies is better. We've done both, and they've both been great.

cod · 27/10/2005 22:04

Message withdrawn

chonky · 27/10/2005 22:04

MW more Boden, Sunsail more Fat Face

chonky · 27/10/2005 22:05

I'm just a dinghy sailing saddo which is why we go

cod · 27/10/2005 22:07

Message withdrawn

cod · 27/10/2005 22:07

Message withdrawn

katymac · 27/10/2005 22:09

Ar go on

I know I'm thick but whats Boden or Fat Face got to do with it?

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cod · 27/10/2005 22:10

Message withdrawn

katymac · 27/10/2005 22:11

I realise that however I have a sneaking suspision I don't have either life style - so more information is needed...please

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cod · 27/10/2005 22:12

Message withdrawn

katymac · 27/10/2005 22:13

Boden are clothes

are Fat Face?

I shop at Asda - so where am I? (with occasional forays into M&S (for Jeans & undies))

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moondog · 27/10/2005 22:16

km,not thick at all.
Be glad that you soar so gloriously above such irrelevancies.

katymac · 27/10/2005 22:18

Back to the origional question

What is the difference between SS & MW in practicle terms

I can sail, DH can't, DD has just done her first solo sail in an optimist

Which is better for us

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chonky · 27/10/2005 22:24

They both will offer exactly what you want - sailing with rescue cover for you, RYA 1 & 2 for dh (if he wants to learn? - plenty of other stuff to do if not), and kids' clubs for your dd, where they will go sailing, probably in Oppies or Toppers.
There really is no difference TBH .

katymac · 27/10/2005 22:26

Lovely - that's just what I needed to know

So for a grand less Sunsail is OK

OP posts:
chonky · 27/10/2005 22:27

Definitely, and I prefer it as the boats are go faster. MW still good though

katymac · 27/10/2005 22:52

Dh thinks we are having a week in cornwall (little does he know.......)

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sinclair · 28/10/2005 07:02

Aside from the branded leisurewear question, I think Sunsail are cheaper cos it is HB not FB (which I preferred - at MW you can literally never leave the complex) and cos at MW water ski-ing is inc and at SS you pay extra. If you aren't going for the ski-ing then it won't matter. this is all pre-kids so may be hopelessly out of date - someone with a crossover Boden/Fat Face lifestyle and children may put me right...

irishbird · 28/10/2005 08:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

katymac · 28/10/2005 08:16

That's OK Irishbird you couldn't get me on skis even if MW paid me 17 million euros.

We're going sailing (that's in hot weather - I wouldn't go anywhere cold)

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