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Just booked November break at Centre Parcs Longleat. WHat do I need to know?

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IlanaK · 25/10/2005 20:43

We were due to fly to Florida today for three weeks and had to cancel the holiday due to the hurricane. So, on the spur of the moment today, I booked a midweek break at Longleat for end of November. We are staying in an Executive three bedroom villa with a sauna (!!). I have a 4 year old and a 16 month old. Have I made a mistake? Any tips from people who have been there. Obviously, with it being winter, I am guessing we will not be spending much time outside.

Oh, and the lady said our villa was very far from the pool (30 minute walk).

OP posts:

ladymuck · 25/10/2005 20:50

There will be a bus service from the furthermost parts back to the central bit, so its not quite the trek it might otherwise be. You may wish to consider whether you have any medical reason as to why you need a car on site (I was 7 months pg and was permitted my car). Longleat is very hilly!

There are a few soft play areas for the kids, and the time out clubs are quite good (and you may be nearer to those). We're going next week, and I'm bringing waterproofs as we'll hire bikes. Ds1 (age 4) is booked in for the mini soccer 3 mornings, and he should be old enough to try 10 pin bowling. The time out clubs for the 4 yos have different themes, so he's going for the space themed one etc. There's also a cinema on site.


flutterbee · 25/10/2005 20:52

My Brother went with his 2 little ones last year for a week and had the best time, so much so that they have booked again for a weeks hol just before Xmas this year and there little ones are 2 and 4 now.


overdraft · 25/10/2005 20:53

take plenty of money the food is not cheap.Nice and peaceful though


JiminyCricket · 25/10/2005 21:02

You can hire those bike treailer things for the little one if you fancy cycling instead of using the land train, but some parts of the site are a long way from the pool - the good news is you will be a bit nearer the 'jardin des sports' where there's a sports cafe, soft play area, sports courts, cinema etc, and the kids clubs if you're thinking of using them - oh and the aqua sana spa, which is looovely, honestly can't recommend it enough if you can get a couple of hours to yourself while the kids are otherwise occupied.


IlanaK · 25/10/2005 21:04

Thanks Ladymuck. We plan to hire bikes too and I went out and bought wellies for the boys today (matching froggie ones!). They both have waterproof trousers too.

I saw about the clubs - how much do they cost? We don't have a brochure and I can't find any costings for extras on their site. My 4 year old will definately want to do a club or somehting. But my toddler will not be left with anyone other than grandma!

I am not worried about eh price of food as we will probably take our own. We like healthy organic stuff mostly. I did see there was a pancake place though and my 4 year old will love that! Both kids are in bed early so I think we will mostly be in the Villa for dinner.

Any other tips?

OP posts:

foxinsocks · 25/10/2005 21:24

you should get the brochure around 2 weeks or so before you go and make sure you book the clubs etc. straight away so that you get what you want.

If you are miles from the pool, you're likely to be closer to the Sports Centre/Time-Out clubs and it's lovely down the bottom - lots of wildlife roaming around behind the villas.

I can't remember the cost of the clubs - I think they were around £8 for 2 hours or £12 for 3 hours. When we were there they had a special deal where you could book your children in the clubs and go to the Spa for a general spa session (where you get to use the jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas etc.) at the same time for a reduced price. Definitely worth doing that.


foxinsocks · 25/10/2005 21:28

would also say in terms of relaxed meals out - we found the Grand Cafe lovely. It's not in the swimming centre - it's half way between the sports centre and the pool - and I think because of that, it's not as busy as either of them so your chances of having a more peaceful meal are much higher.


Merlin · 25/10/2005 21:32

Definitely book some time in the Spa if you can. Brilliant - DH and I treated ourselves to the mud treatment which was fab (when we stopped laughing at ourselves covered in the stuff!).

Pancake House is v good too. Our first visit there was in November too and we were very lucky with the weather so could make use of the outdoor play areas, but DS loved the indoor pools area with the kiddie water slides etc and of course it's really warm!!! Have fun!


ladymuck · 25/10/2005 21:40

I've actually going to Elvedon this time, but imagine that the costing is the same. There are 2 or 3 hours sessions each day and for the 4 yo the 3 hour session is £12.50 and the 2 hour session is £8.50.

Babysitting in the evening is £5.05 per hour


wellsie · 25/10/2005 21:50

Hi we're going to Longleat in November and this will be our 2nd time. We've only just got our pack of info with activities and costs so I imagine your's will be on it's way shortly - make sure you book what you want to do before you get there so as not to be disappointed, the kids stuff is always busy.
On our first day we looked at the map and thought we were miles from everything but by midweek we realised that there were little short cuts and actually its not that big.
We hired bikes but to be honest the land train is brilliant and this time we're not going to bother with the bikes as the train is quick, regular and runs until 11pm (ish)
I'm sure you'll like it and it sounds like you booked one of the nicer Villas so there will some luxury as well.
Oh and by the way, DS was 16mths when we went, he had an ear infection and 2 molars came through but we all had a great time and he loved it!!


grumpyfrumpy · 26/10/2005 08:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hewlettsdaughter · 26/10/2005 09:04

My top tips are get your bikes straightaway (particularly if you want a baby seat/trailer) and book a 3 hr session in the spa! Hope you have a great time! (I am )


IlanaK · 26/10/2005 18:15

Thanks for all the info! We are going to pre-book the bikes I think. Does anyone know if the spa is open at night? My little one will not be left with anyone knowingly, so if I get them both into bed by 7 and book a babysitter, will I be able to go to the spa?

OP posts:

foxinsocks · 26/10/2005 18:22

pretty sure you can't pre-book bikes but the times we've been, we've always got what we wanted (but then again, it's always been the first thing we do)

I didn't go to the spa in the evening but I have a vague recollection of there being an evening spa session. It really is wonderfully relaxing.

You'll be able to see in your pre-booking pack - if you're stuck, give Longleat pre-booking a call. Our pre-booking pack got lost in the post and they were absolutely fantastic on the phone and sorted out all our arrangements for us.


IlanaK · 26/10/2005 18:23

thanks. I am sure we can pre-book the bikes as the lady on the phone actually gave me the number and the date from when we could do it. I would love it if the spa is open in the evening. I also like table tennis though

OP posts:

ladymuck · 26/10/2005 18:40

I have prebooked my trike, but I couldn't prebook the bikes for dh and ds1. The spa at Elvedon is open until 9pm.


jenkel · 26/10/2005 19:51

Does anybody know if you can take your own bikes?


hewlettsdaughter · 26/10/2005 19:53

think you can, but best ring and check!


ladymuck · 26/10/2005 20:00

Yep, you can definitely take your own bikes.


hewlettsdaughter · 26/10/2005 20:01

yes, just checked, says so here


mojomummy · 21/11/2005 21:09

are you going w/c 28th November ?


mandieb · 21/11/2005 22:26

Wear a cossie in the pool not a bikini especially going down the rapida absolutly FANTASTIC


grumpyfrumpy · 22/11/2005 15:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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