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passport photos for baby

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y1n · 24/10/2005 12:14

Could anyone tell me how they did theirs? I am presuming I can't just take her to a booth and hold her on my lap, especially since she's only 6 weeks. We were thinking of going home in January though so I need to do it reasonably soon.

OP posts:

Earlybird · 24/10/2005 12:18

Go someplace like Mailboxes Etc or Snappy Snaps, where there is a photographer who takes photos - as opposed to a booth. Lay dd on the floor on a white blanket/cloth. Have the photographer stand over her, and aim his camera down. May take a bit of fiddling as I think there are rules about dimensions of head/shoulders for photos to be acceptable.


y1n · 24/10/2005 12:24

Ah OK it's that easy? Thanks v much, Earlybird!

OP posts:

Earlybird · 24/10/2005 12:41

No problem - it's that easy if you know how to do it! I spent alot of wasted time trying to prop dd up on a stool (and got useless pics), and then discovered this method. Good luck!


swedishmum · 24/10/2005 14:26

Jessops did mine - they had to see her whole face and her eyes had to be open. She was 2 weeks old and looks nothing like it now so all a bit pointless really!


lua · 24/10/2005 14:44

If you have a good camera and printer you can also do at home!
We did ours, which was great because we could took a million pictures and not feel pressured.Also, we could do it whenever baby was happy. We could also print as many as we needed!


spookylucy · 24/10/2005 14:45

we went to a booth and dh knealt on the floor hold dd up to the screen. Its a lovely photo except for dh's big fingers.


ScreamEagle · 24/10/2005 15:09

You are allowed to hold your baby up in a photo booth and can even have a bit of your hand showing so long as the baby's face is clear with nothing obstructing it.

We did it when ds was 3.5 months old. dh knelt down in the booth holding ds above his head whilst I checked his face was in line with the screen and held a toy above his head to make him look upwards!! It was hilarious doing it and the shoppers around us were in fits watching us contort ourselves into the booth!!


1980cat · 27/10/2005 12:38

I spend ages tring to get photos with digital cameras and photo booths before I reaslised that local photo processing place just put them on a beanbag and the photos that were the right size. They also don't have to have there eyes open (or two years ago it didn't matter anyway as my daughter is asleep in her pasport photo. Being only a week and a half old that was about all she did anyway) which made it easier.
We had friends who had problems with fingers and things being in the photo as they were told it just had to be the baby in the photo and no-one else, however these were the same people who told us that the photo processing place didn't take baby pictures.


isobelsmum · 28/10/2005 20:22

How long did all you have yours done then? I picked up an apploication yesterday and it says eyes must be open, no dummies, toys etc and no hand showing. I went to get it done professionally cost 4 pounds, was told to put my knee on stool, sit isobel on my knee and put my hands up her jumper so I could support her without my hands being seen, took a while as she kept looking away but got there in the end. Was also told she had to wear a dark top, although notes that came with passport form don't say that


Kirstie76 · 29/10/2005 22:13

i used the ones they took in the hospital when ds was 1 day old ... seems a bit ridiculous that this will now be him until he's 5 but there you go!

We've travelled once with no problems and I'm off again next Saturday

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