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need an adventure......

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liklik · 24/10/2005 05:16

Am desperate for an adventure and to get out of the day in day out routine. Have 2 dd aged 5& 7 so am now into the whole school thing and racing for the bus every morning and then hardly any time to chill out in the afternoons...... I feel like their childhood is slipping away with no adventure component, no real freedom, no long lazy days.
Am very keen on the idea of taking them out of school for a year and travelling around Australia. It has always been a dream and now I can't stop thinking about doing it.
I would love to hear from any one who has done this.....escaped for a year....maybe two.
Thank you ! Lik lik xxx

OP posts:
liklik · 25/10/2005 00:12

doesn't anyone else feel like roaring off......isn't there anyone out there who has done it??????

OP posts:
Pam70 · 25/10/2005 10:55

I feel like you too so will be watching this thread with interest.

Would be interested in taking off for 3 months to go to South America and wonder if DH and I could take this time off as no pay leave rather than quit jobs etc as jobs quite hard to come by where we are.

If you look back on some of the threads, there are some people who have done this and have kept an online account of their travels.


triplets · 25/10/2005 15:39

Hi both,
I would sooo love to do this. Life is far too short, we are older parents of triplets and just feel we have so much we want to do with them, so much of the world we havent seen ourselves. We love travelling, love an adventure, with our beloved Matthew we went to America twice, he saw The Grand Canyon, Death Vally, Vegas, S Fran, La, etc etc, so glad we did it. Just need some money though dont we, I would esp love to go to America, Africa, Australia, Hawaii, we should do house swaps!

startingtobehalloweenylover · 25/10/2005 15:41

what happens re schooling if you take them out for a year? do you have to commit to home-teaching while you're away?

moondog · 25/10/2005 15:41

liklik.not exactly the same thing but my dh works abroad (lots of different places) and I regularly take dd out of school (only 4 though) and go off to him with my two children.

We also travel a lot for fun when he isn't working.
Go for it!

gingerbear · 26/10/2005 13:06

search under travel on Nappybaglady - she took 4(?) months off and travelled to Australia,amongst other places.

nappybaglady · 26/10/2005 23:52

OOOh, just spotted this on a late night browse. I've had about 3 threads about the big trip we took this year and my DH did a blog

Can't link to any of them just now but if you struggle to find them let me know and I'll try to find all the links after weekend

Funnily enough I've just finished packing for a 3night trip to the Lakes. We're taking at least as much luggage as we did for 3 months round the world

Will have another look at this thread after I get back

ps thanks gingerbear

gingerbear · 27/10/2005 23:51

bumping this up. Hello, Nappybaglady, I hope you enjoy your weekend in the Lakes.
You are my wanderlust hero.

nappybaglady · 01/11/2005 21:10
elastamum · 01/11/2005 21:17

My DH is going to be away for 10 months sailing round the world in a couple of years time and I am planning to take the kids out of school for a series of trips to follow him from port to port I am hoping the school will cooperate and give me work to do whilst we are away. We see it as an oppportunity for a big adventure. I will watch this thread with interest!

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