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Paultons park xmas wonderland

10 replies

wallopyCOD · 23/10/2005 17:14

ok everyone says it s great but IS IT?
its bloody expensive so is it really worth sevent y punds?

OP posts:

noddyholder · 23/10/2005 17:42

what is it?


polly28 · 23/10/2005 17:57

haven't been for years but do remember resenting the money adults have to pay cos everything is for little kids.

It has had a few extra rides added since then so don't know .Is that 70 for a family??


wallopyCOD · 23/10/2005 17:58

oh yes
is the whole park open?

OP posts:

polly28 · 23/10/2005 18:11

dont' know if it's open all year. have you checked for a website?


wallopyCOD · 23/10/2005 19:36

its feffo on
dont know any mroe baout what it is for so much money

OP posts:

polly28 · 23/10/2005 19:38

what the f**& does feefo mean?


wallopyCOD · 23/10/2005 19:39


OP posts:

polly28 · 23/10/2005 19:39

just got it , deffo


polly28 · 23/10/2005 19:42

to be brutally honest I think it's a bit of a swindle.Dh walked around mumbling "this is a bloody license to print money" the whole time.

If you have the money to spare it's a good day out the kids love it especially if they like dinosaurs as there is a walk about 200m long with periodic big dinos in the bush ? not our cup of tea but we had a dd then,my ds now may enjoy it more.


wallopyCOD · 23/10/2005 19:43

ah ta!
so we wont bother then
great !

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