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Thorpe Park with 6 year old and nearly 3 year old, suggestions please

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Rhiannon · 23/09/2001 18:40

We're off to Thorpe Park next Sunday. Which rides would you recommend for our 6.5 year old boy and nearly 3 year girl? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Also is the food as extortionately priced as Legoland? Thanks. R.

OP posts:
Kmg · 23/09/2001 19:28

Rhiannon - is Legoland food extortionate? We're off there tomorrow - maybe I should make a picnic?

Rhiannon · 24/09/2001 08:19

Kmg, yes unfortunately. I really object to paying a £1 for a small bottle of water. I would recommend a picnic as I found all the food overpriced. My friend said the hot dogs were £1.99.

OP posts:
Emmylou · 24/09/2001 14:53

Watch out for the appallingly written signs. Thorpe Arch do not do apostrophes - not in the right place anyway. Symptomatic of a deeper malaise obviously. (Perhaps I'm just a sad old copywriter who needs to get out more). Legoland may be expensive but is better quality.

Jillxx · 24/09/2001 16:01

I took my two daughters to Thorpe Park in July. Mine are 6 and 4. They really enjoyed the whole day, they loved the Octopus Garden rides, the Riverbus Ride (the farm was a bit disappointing),the Train Ride, the food we bought from Burger King so same prices as elsewhere. Oh, they also enjoyed the indoor Pirate experience (beware, water is squirted at you, best to warn kids first I found) and also they had lovely mini boat rides, cannot remember the name but and relaxing it was 'something' Jungle. Loads of prize everytime stall games with appealing goodies and souvenier shop was reasonably priced. A good day out but we didn't do any scary drop etc rides. Also look out for the car rides they do with honking horns - that was lovely too.

Kmg · 24/09/2001 18:30

Thanks Rhiannon for the warning - we took a picnic with us to Legoland today. We had a terrific day - no rain to speak of, despite the forecast. I would definitely recommend going on a weekday in termtime, if you've got preschoolers. There were no crowds and no queues. Though some shows weren't happening.

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