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Mark Warner - Corsica

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Alys · 18/10/2005 07:43

I've been looking at holidays for next year and was considering Mark Warner in Corsica.

Has anyone been to this one? And if so is it good, bad or indifferrent.


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tab · 19/10/2005 12:01

Hi Alys, Yes we went in May 2004. We went with then 2.5 yr old ds1. Good in terms of travel as short flight and short transfer. Mark Warner generally very hospitable and cater very well for children. Have you been on a Mark Warner before? We are not very sporty so felt really that it was quite expensive - we wanted a holiday with childcare and the flexibility of it (ie not just one 2 hour session per day at a fixed time like most other tour operators offer). The downside with the childcare is that you have to be back or around for lunch as the children come out for 2 hours but the plus is that they do children's tea at about 5 and take them into the dining room so you can go and sit with them once they're eating. Depends how old your children are.
Re Corsica itself, its a lovely island. The MWarner hotel is a little down at heel. Weve only been to this one but the newer and bigger ones in Greece sound a lot plusher. It has everything you need. Re location - there's a small resort/village about 15 mins walk away either along beach or main road with a super market and a cafe I think. Not very picturesque but adequate. We hired a car for a few days which was good.
The food was good but the organisation in the dining room was a bit lacking and tended to feel a bit like a free for all at times, and standing around for them to refill milk jugs and notice that the cutlery had run out became a little tiresome at times (however we did go very early in the season so they may well have sorted this out). In the evening the babysitting/room listening was great and you can sit in a baby free zone outside with the reassurance that if a baby is crying someone will come round with the room numbers on a chalk board.
We came away impressed by the service the MW put on and would definitely go back to MW again.
Please ask me any questions. Have rambled on but not sure what you want to know.


MissChief · 20/10/2005 09:33

we went in 04 too, think tho MW now closed their place there...


Alys · 02/11/2005 07:59

Thanks Tab for the info.

We have now booked it as got a free childs place which saved a bit! We are interested in the sporting side of things which was one of our reasons for booking. DH wants to do some diving and I'm keen to try some of the other watersports as has been a while.

So fingers crossed it will be good.

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